A Short Note About Clint

Posted by on February 23, 2020 12:44 pm
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When I see that “Princess Bride” is on one of my movie channels, I watch it. That is was directed by a Meathead socialist never crosses my mind. I liked his dad, growing up with “Show of Shows” in the 50’s.

The same is true when any “Dirty Harry” film, or “Josey Wales” or “Unforgiven” is on tap. I postpone all other forms of recreation and sit back and watch them

But that does mean I went out and bought a S&W .357 Magnum? Or even fired one just to feel the kick? My old Makarov 9mm suits me just fine.

I’ve never once said “You feel lucky, punk?” even once.

Nor has my attraction to scrawny blonde white women increased.

I never bought a product because Clint Eastwood endorsed it. If he ever did. And I sure as hell never voted for a presidential candidate because Clint Eastwood was for him. In 2012 we were both against the same man, but I don’t recall if he ever said anything good about Mitt Romney, just against Obama.

I did say nice things about Miit, and I was wrong. So if Clint did, then he was wrong too.

And we share that one error in judgment, plus a mutual dislike for the same man

There will be millions of people who will vote for Donald Trump this year who I do not need a pledge of allegiance from to be happy about their vote. When I talk about “We the people” I will be talking about all of them, not just the cult followers.

The same goes for the far fewer who will vote against Donald Trump, or actually for the other candidate, or just not vote at all. In every case they will be “far fewer” and that’s all I care about.

If Clint Eastwood likes Michael Bloomberg maybe it’s because he knows him personally. I don’t. Maybe they have strong opinions about “horse-faced lesbians”? Or the British royal family? Who knows?

Also, who cares?

The one place Clint Eastwood and I are entirely equal is that one single vote we have.

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