Trump Running Head First Into The Fire

Posted by on February 17, 2020 6:14 am
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Who cares if Barr doesn’t like Trump tweeting, who cares if anyone doesn’t like it. Trump tweets to bypass the psychotic media and the only way 70+M know what is really going on in the swamp. General Flynn and Roger Stone are guilty of being Republicans, Trumplicans, Americans, which by the way is all you need to know about Bush and company. That they have suffered under these foul elites is all you’ll ever need to know about what they’ll do to you. The same swamprats have struck at Trump to many times to count and have failed, only because he is smarter than they are and has the dollars to defend himself. You and I wouldn’t be so lucky if the swamp got its teeth in us. Trump Charges the Liberal Hacks’ Latest Ambush

You charge into the ambush. Full bore, no hesitation.

When you find yourself in a kill zone, you don’t futz around trying to figure out a plan. You do that and you die.

You don’t run away, because then you get shot in the back and die tired.

You determine the direction of fire and charge into it.

You might get killed, but that’s a consequence of walking into an ambush. The simple fact is that the only way you have a chance of coming out of it unventilated is to charge the SOBs ambushing you.

Which Trump did.

I’m not buying tick tock, I’m not buying Barr is a white hat, I’m not buying Durham is the white knight, I’m not buying any of the crap being sold daily about “sources” from Hannity. I’m buying what I can see with my own eyes and we are in a death struggle with some very foul people. Trump is the guy taking all the shots for We The People. It’s not going to get easier and I suspect it gets harder but I also know a Trump win in November will be the beginning of the death rattle in the lungs of the gutter snipes of DC.

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