#AcquittedForEver – Donald J Trump Edition


The whole Shakespeare in the Swamp production of Hamlet whereby the play depicts Prince Schiff and his revenge against the President, Trump, who has murdered the swamps Queen Hillary in order to seize his throne for the “good of the socialists”, failed horribly on opening night. The President won BIGLY

5:10 PM: Trump declares “VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax!”

4:57 PM:

4:43 PM: Bernie: “Sad and dangerous moment in the history of our country.”

4:42 PM: Kamala: “Miscarriage of justice.”

4:40 PM: Hillary: “We’re entering dangerous territory for our democracy.”

4:36 PM:

4:35 PM: Chief Justice Roberts awarded “golden gavel.”

4:32 PM: Trump acquitted (“not guilty as charged”) 53-47 on the second article.

RNC Chair McDaniel: “Today’s vote to acquit President Trump ends the latest political witch hunt, a dark moment in our nation’s history, that wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. Once again, Democrats have failed in their quest to erase the votes of 63 million Americans and destroy a duly-elected President. The American people won today, but they will not forget the division that Democrats brought upon our country for three years. This November, voters will hold Democrats accountable at the ballot box and vote to re-elect President Trump and Republicans across the board.”

The swamp does horrible plays, they all should turn in their union cards as they exit stage left. The pathetic display of hatred on display for Trump and his 63M American voters has been nothing short of at once amusing and disturbing. The 2nd act of the show was MacBeth “which invites the intense examination of the heart of a man who is well-intentioned in most ways but who discovers that he cannot resist the temptation to achieve power at any cost” played by Mitt Romney

Twice-failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney claims he broke ranks during the Senate’s impeachment trial and voted to convict President Donald Trump of obstruction of Congress and abusing the office of the presidency because he is “profoundly religious” and a man of God.

The Utah Senator, who famously opposed Trump’s candidacy in 2016, repeatedly characterized his motivation to oust Trump during his eight-minute speech on the Senate floor as being motivated by a “good faith commitment to God” and the truth and his “oath to the constitution.”

At the end of the day for all their bad acting, they only make both Donald J Trump, the President of the United States of America and his 63M American voters stronger in their determination to wrest the power given to the swamp back to the Republic for which it stands.

The swamp needs to drop the Shakespeare plays and learn that Sun Tzu is the history that We The People of these United States of America are paying attention to.

He sees war, therefore, not so much as a matter of destroying the enemy materially and physically (although that may play a role), but of unsettling the enemy psychologically; his goal is to force the enemy’s leadership and society from a condition of harmony, in which they can resist effectively, toward one of chaos (luan), which is tantamount to defeat

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy

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