The Truth Is Out There – Presidential UFO Edition

Posted by on January 2, 2020 8:09 am
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Its an interesting tack that Presidential candidates take promising to tell you the truth of UFO’s. I first noticed it with Bill Clinton Maybe The Truth Is Out There

Plenty of people have accused the government of withholding secrets files on UFO encounters, but if there was one person who would know the whole story, you’d expect it to be the president of the United States.

Apparently, that’s not the case—according to Salon, Bill Clinton spent much of his term in office trying to get to the bottom of what other government agencies weren’t telling him about UFO encounters, to the point that his associate attorney general Webster Hubbell allegedly told him that there was a secret government that was controlling info about UFOs.

Hubbell, according to his memoir, was given two key tasks by President Clinton: find out who assassinated John F. Kennedy and figure out how much the government knew about UFOs.

His wife Hillary Clinton promised the same thing Hillary Danced With The Aliens Too

The buzz is noises from the camp of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton amid claims she will force “UFO disclosure” if she makes it to the White House.

The disclosure movement seeks release of ALL top-secret and confidential files held by US authorities on anything to do with aliens and UFOs.

Conspiracy theorists and UFO-logists claimed various governments have evidence of alien visitations which have been withheld from the public amid fears over potential impacts on religion and the rule of law.

Bill and Hillary have long intrigued the movement after making little publicised moves in the 1990s to bring about disclosure.

So now comes 2020 and we have a Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar, again in the Democrat Party promising to reveal all if elected Come On Man Tell Us

Of course, other presidents have asked before, as we’ve discussed here previously. It’s confirmed that both Clinton and Obama asked and they were apparently told nothing. (Or so they claim.) Does Klobuchar believe she’d fare better in getting the intelligence agencies to open the bag? Good luck with that, Senator.

Her last comment was at least a bit more interesting, however. She made reference to “some of this stuff” being “really old.” Presumably, she’s not talking about the Nimitz and Roosevelt encounters in 2004 and 2015 because those are still on everyone’s minds. So what did she mean? Was that a reference to the 1947 Roswell incident? If so, she could certainly generate a lot of headlines if she somehow drove a wedge into that oyster. But so many before her have tried that I somehow doubt any new information would be forthcoming.

Of course, this could all be nothing more than an effort to appeal to a particular voter demographic. According to the most recent polling, while a majority of Americans still aren’t convinced that UFOs are definitely extraterrestrial spacecraft, a solid 68% said that they believe the government knows more than they’re telling the public.

I want to take you down the path to the truth, a majority of Americans aren’t convinced UFO’s are extraterrestrial spacecraft. A majority of Americans 68% to be exact believe the government is lying about UFOs. So what the fantastical Democrats are selling to the public to get their foot in the White House door is that the government is the deep state and is always lying to you. That the government lies and thinks its running as a unelected bureau is of course undisputed, that Democrats will use them to pluck at stories of UFOs is hilarious if it wasn’t so sad. Donald J Trump has already outed the deep state of lying liars and why would you change that draining of the swamp for promises of “truth” when each day he is hammering away at it? Government’s around the world lie, cheat and steal from the people, our government is no different, reigning it in is a bigger job than ever imagined. I personally will stick with the guy who is destroying its dark heart every day of his Presidency, the truth is out there, lets keep moving on it.

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  1. vassarbushmills January 2nd, 2020 at 6:37 pm

    Isn’t it funny that the higher up the education ladder they climb, the more swill they will swallow, not that they know, but that they are “in the know”?

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