Settle Down Internet – Virginia #2A Edition

Posted by on December 26, 2019 1:56 pm
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So the hsyteria being created by every Tom, Dick and charlatan on the internet with regards to Virginia’s gun rights has created quite an intense and emotional reaction. To say conservatives look like liberals wailing and bemoaning the potential actions would be an understatement. Yes Virginia, Virginia has a Democrat majority

The Virginia General Assembly is the legislative body of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the oldest continuous law-making body in the New World, established on July 30, 1619. The General Assembly is a bicameral body consisting of a lower house, the Virginia House of Delegates, with 100 members, and an upper house, the Senate of Virginia, with 40 members. Combined together, the General Assembly consists of 140 elected representatives from an equal number of constituent districts across the commonwealth. The House of Delegates is presided over by the Speaker of the House, while the Senate is presided over by the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. The House and Senate each elect a clerk and sergeant-at-arms. The Senate of Virginia’s clerk is known as the “Clerk of the Senate” (instead of as the “Secretary of the Senate”, the title used by the U.S. Senate).

Following the 2019 election, the Democratic Party will hold a majority of seats in both the House and the Senate for the first time since 1996.

So, lets get down to brass tacks, the Senate has a two person majority, the House has a 5 person majority, you might of heard of the santuary cities for #2A gaining momentum. You’d might not know that quite a few of those counties have elected Democrats.

The show of opposition to new gun-control proposals filed by Virginia Democrats, particularly in deep-blue Fairfax County, may cause some of the newly elected Democratic members of the Virginia General Assembly to proceed with caution before backing any bill. Democrats captured full control of the state legislature in the most recent election but enjoy only a one-vote majority in the Senate and a five-vote majority in the House of Delegates. If public demonstrations like Tuesday’s are able to persuade even two Democratic senators to oppose proposed measures, that would mean the demise of the most radical components of Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D.) gun-control plans.

So the people who keep showing up didn’t think to vote Republican and let Democrats win their district, they won’t make that mistake again in 2021. Democrats in those areas want to win again in 2021 so at the very least lets rough em up a little to bring them down off their election high. If and its a big if something untoward gets passed there are attorneys and groups like the NRA ready to go for an injunction against the new laws. The Supreme Court of Virginia will be the 1st stopgap on the legal journey. The Supreme Court of Virginia not including the Senior Justices have all been placed on the court by conservatives in the legislature, the 1st one doesn’t come up until 2023. If necessary and I don’t believe it will be as 2021 will weigh heavily on those Democrats in sanctuary counties there is always the #2A friendly Supreme Court of the United States of America. So when I ask you to calm down and let the process play out I’m not being underwhelmed by the gravity so much as overwhelmed by the hysterical reaction. There is no crying in conservative politics there is only the fight to win and we’ve proven over and over that we win when we are calm and sober and driven.

Obama and 60 Democrat Senators and a House full of “gun control” leftwing nutjobs couldn’t pass gun confiscation a blackfaced Governor of Virginia isn’t either. Why didn’t President Obama and Democrat majorities pass gun control laws?

Those agitating for firearms restrictions now should understand that the precedent they set is a dangerous one that extends far beyond the realm of the Second Amendment.

If the government’s say-so is sufficient to block a gun sale — thereby abridging a right enumerated in the Constitution, with little or no ability for redress — what right wouldn’t be at risk of arbitrary deprivation, particularly among the powerless?

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  1. vassarbushmills December 26th, 2019 at 2:24 pm

    Very timely, Mi’lady. I think there may even be a few schvatzes in der woodpile stirring this up. The Left would love for us to fire the first shot.

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