He Who Laughs Last Laughs Longest – European Mean Girls High School Edition

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Its a funny thing that Canada, Britain and France whose demographics will literally be the death of them would laugh at President Trump. The United States President has brought prosperity and added a peace dividend to America going on his full 3rd year in office. They have brought ferals and unemployment misery to their countries. We here in America have hated that NATO is 70+% American dollars and blood for the protection of their pathetic socialist countries. So when I say we will have the last laugh and the longest laugh at their misery I’m not just whistling dixie. Foreigners mocking President Trump is a sign he’s doing something right

Joe Biden pounced on the video, releasing an ad that highlighted the mocking and warned that “if we give Donald Trump four more years, we’ll have a great deal of difficulty of ever being able to ­recover America’s standing in the world and our capacity to bring nations together.”

Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for President Barack ­Obama, called it “a very smart ad.” Michael Skolnick, a liberal activist and former political director for disgraced media mogul Russell Simmons, tweeted: “This Biden ad will do 10 [million-plus] views on Twitter tonight.” He urged campaigns to use digital ads to “build a cultural narrative against Trump.”

But Biden, lately caught nibbling on his wife’s finger while she ­delivered a speech on stage, is an odd choice to build that cultural narrative, much less dispel foreign mockery. As even his fans will ­admit, the ­ex-veep is a goofball, exactly the kind of loud, awkward American our European and ­Canadian betters sneer at.

The bigger hole in the ad is that Trump is far from the first US president to get mocked by Continental types. Nor is he the first GOP president to get pilloried by the left for allegedly inviting global scorn.

In 2004, at the height of the Iraq War, then-Sen. John Kerry said during a debate that he wouldn’t take pre-emptive action against any threat without first passing a “global test.” George W. Bush pushed back: “My attitude is you take preemptive action in order to protect the American people, that you act in order to make this country ­secure.” Kerry also claimed that world leaders had been calling him during the election to offer their support.

Americans journeyed across an ocean to avoid being European, and voters, especially those in battleground Midwest states, don’t look to the likes of Trudeau or Macron for ballot-box guidance. In fact, when haughty Europeans or Canadians don’t like the American president, we can be sure he is ­doing something right.

Macron pension reform: France paralysed by biggest strike in years

Workers are angry about planned pension reforms that would see them retiring later or facing reduced payouts.

More than 800,000 workers from a wide range of professions demonstrated against the changes. Some cities saw clashes between protesters and police.

President Emmanuel Macron wants to introduce a universal points-based pension system.

That would replace France’s current system, which has 42 different pension schemes across its private and public sectors, with variations in retirement age and benefits.

“What we’ve got to do is shut the economy down,” said union official Christian Grolier of the Force Ouvrière (Workers’ Force). “People are spoiling for a fight.”

Commuter Chaos As 27-Day Rail Strike Begins

Hundreds of thousands of passengers face a month of disruption from today as rail workers begin the longest strike against a major rail company in living memory. South Western Railway workers will walk out for 27 days until New Year’s Day in a long-running dispute over guards on trains. Passengers have been warned only around half of services will run, including those to and from London Waterloo, the country’s busiest railway station. Services will be cancelled, replaced by buses or finish earlier than normal, while trains that do run are expected to be busier than normal. Talks between South Western Railway and members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union collapsed last week with both sides blaming the other for failure to reach a deal. The disruption is expected to cause travel chaos for commuters and Christmas shoppers.

Trudeau’s Canada Loses 71,000 Jobs, Most Since Financial Crisis, Unemployment Jumps to 5.9%

It looks like Donald Trump got the last laugh.

A few days after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught having a laugh at the expense of the U.S. president, the U.S. economy was reported to have added 266,000 jobs in November while Canada lost 71,200 jobs, the biggest monthly loss since the financial crisis, according to Canada’s national statistics agency.

Unemployment in the U.S. fell to 3.5 percent, returning to the 50-year low hit earlier this year. Canadian unemployment jumped to 5.9 percent from 5.5 percent a month earlier.

The diverging economies show that the U.S. has better withstood the global economic slowdown than its neighbor.

Americans have been shedding blood for the protection of the prigs of Europe for decades, its time to let them bleed out for their socialist dreams. We are America 1st anything we do beyond that is by choice, not by old tired agreements with countries that are in a death spiral.

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