The Natural Law of Complaining

Posted by on November 12, 2019 7:00 pm
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I’m getting sick and tired of everyone complaining all the time.

I’m just talking about our side now, mind you, not the other side. They take to the streets, tie up traffic, even deny ambulances freeway to the ER entrance at the hospital down the road, just so they can screech bloody murder about cops shooting down poor black men just trying to make a living robbing 7/11’s, or denying them the inalienable right to push over old veterans in their wheel chairs (at least in Portland)…oh, Happy Veteran’s Day, old geezers, today’s 11/11…or denying them their constitutional right to put on a mask and march down the street brandishing sticks and breaking out windows…and then be sent home without so much as a spanking.

And we sit in front of our television sets, or more often now our computer screens and wail, and screech, and stomp our feet, demanding that someone…else…do something about it.

And we own 95% of all the guns in America. OK, maybe only 70% if you count the police as belonging to the other side, only who says they do? When push comes to shove on that fateful day when America finally does take to the streets, I’m betting they’ll be on our side.

But God only knows how God feels about watching us whine away the second greatest gift He ever bequeathed to Humankind, those two gifts inextricably joined at the hip. If America fails it’s back to the old drawing board, setting back His long term plan at least a thousand years.

And every American out there knows this. Still, we sit on the couch and complain.

Is this complacency? Laziness? Mental or physical?

Or just plain old impatience and titty-babyism?

Or am I goring the wrong ox?

Remember the Boston Massacre?…when a British sentry was being hooted and harassed by angry citizens with catcalls…and clubs, and stones…which got so bad he was joined by seven other soldiers who then took aim and gunned some of the citizens down.

Imagine if cops had done this in Portland a year ago? Who would we be standing up and cheering right now? And while Sam Adams (my personal hero from the Revolution…never cared for his beer, though) instigated this event, and it was his cousin, John Adams, that John Adams, who defended the soldiers, and got most acquitted and the shooters off with light sentences, even though 5 Patriots were killed.

That event occurred six years and three months, a long wait, before colonial representatives gathered in Philadelphia to sign one of the most ennobling and liberating documents ever written. I can attest to the power of those words for long before I knew the preamble by heart I read it to a table full of Soviet academicians and lawyers, translated one sentence at a time.

And they all cried.

Just 1320 words…I can’t give out my social security number in less than a thousand, as many of you complain…I suggest you read the other 1268 words, for they are a line-by-line indictment against the King, justifying why God and Nature declared our right to break away and live free without the benefit of a royal sovereign any longer.

And Sam Adams was there to sign it, wearing his business suit instead of the “incitement uniform” he put on to stir up strife as recently as 1774 when our citizen movement gained its namesake, the “Tea Party”.

So, it seems “prudence” being considered a cardinal virtue still has its merit.

I have long been a proponent of small-time misdemeanors being used against bad-actors of the state class; bloody noses, rolled-up newspapers, Skunk…a little bit of pain or a little bit of stink just to mess up their day and the high regard they have for themselves. I’ve always preferred stealth over street confrontation, both tactically and strategically, since it assaults that notion of immunity from punishment that so many of our enemy believes is their rightful inheritance. And in a city of 100,000 it would take less than a dozen clever, nimble souls to pull that off, providing all our couch-complainers a ringside sear.

My mission has always been to involve a portion of the general population in ways where, if they play their cards as I outlined, they will never be outed and brought to justice in an unfriendly court. In that way, it might induce our weaker-kneed elected betters to up their game. Both Sam Adams and Thomas Paine had precisely that effect on that delegation in Philadelphia.

Interestingly, Sam Adams was able to give up his stealth ways when he was still in his 50s, while I never actually began mine until I was over 60, as I had spent close to 20 years apprenticing the art of back-alley stealth, “tricking the state”, in the Soviet bloc, until I closed up the revenue end of my business. It was time to come home and, as Steve McQueen once said, “play the game” for the remainder of my life “for more than I could afford to lose”…as every signatory to that Declaration had, and which Donald Trump has, also.

Our American Revolution began with a piece of paper.

We’re still anxiously, impatiently, waiting for the indictments to come…actually hundreds of them. And they will come only, as they say, in due course. Our American Revolution only began when the time was ripe. Ours doesn’t seem to be yet.

We are locked inside two revolutions today; Ours, to take back our country from an elite political and administrative state and put it back on its proper course, while Theirs is to take back our country and return to its original royal feudal origins. (Trust me, history proves that Man cannot long live under the management of any consortium or committee before one person will rise up and smite the rest of them, and claim the realm for his (her?) own…especially if they are scientists, technology wizards, or lawyers…none of whom ever knew the back of a hand and the taste of the warm trickle of blood over the lips. Nature abhors those kinds of people being at the helm of anything for very long.)

What we need now are real leaders who can inspire us to get up off our arses and do things other than complain. Washington is in safe hands right now, despite our impatient toe-tapping. Since we got a good whiff of what a full Republican Congress, 2016-2018, can be relied upon not to do, and we really don’t want a Cromwell overstepping executive powers as our previous president proved his party would like to exercise if given another chance, we need to organize ourselves to reassert our legal authority closer to home.

I won’t get too particular here, but this involves taking back our public schools at the local level and our public universities at the state level. A major step.

If you can remember my story about Earl Hodge in the 1950s storming a PTA meeting outraged that his “g-damn” son was still coming home saying “ain’t” and the flawless parental logic behind his outburst, it will take Congress two generations to restore what the local citizenry can take back in a very few years. And have rewarding memories doing it.

The same for universities, where entire departments and their professors need to be sent packing. The world will be right in our universe when at a private university like Dennison in Ohio, there are 50 laid-off professors vying for a single open position in their Sociology Department.

Can you spell “Karma”?

But to achieve these things there has to be found among our wealthy conservative class individuals who will join the fight on the ground by investing portions of their wealth and do as Donald Trump has done, by investing in saving our country to the same extent the wealthy Left has been investing in destroying it…with no expectation of financial return.

The Left has billionaires who are investing in the demise of our country without any expectation of financial return. Lots of them. That New World Order is their return. But among conservatives the rule seem to be, in keeping with their understanding of capitalism, if it can’t be written off, or pay back a return, or perhaps more importantly, interfere with their standing in certain circles, it’s uncharted waters they’d just as soon let someone else do.

Consider taking up new careers by encouraging citizens to get off their divan, then lead from the front with hands-on plans and projects. You lead, they will follow. You suggest?…well maybe.

Do this for a few years, and leave plans that will survive you. Just like Trump.

Play the game for more than you can afford to lose…

…which Donald Trump has already done, just like me.

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