Describing Children of Privilege over 200 years ago


(From a book written in 1947) describing children of privilege when there were far fewer of them;  a description of French children of plantation owners around 1800 in the Caribbean:

There isn’t one who hasn’t the temper of the devil, the vanity of a peacock, the domineering instincts of a bully and a coward. They’re little despots, little vile-tempered, foul-mouthed tyrants, thinking only of material goods and display, caring nothing for things of the intellect, nothing for the improvement of their minds, nothing for religion.”

Anyone who reads this immediately draws an association with American youth of today. But then on deeper reflection, the children of privilege and great wealth come to mind, and that lineage goes as far back as the titular ownership of land, to the ancient Greeks at least. Even Greek ideals of government and law were based on this hereditary ownership of land.

These children have always been with us.

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