The Insidious Underbelly Of Black Racism

Posted by on September 5, 2019 9:14 pm
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The most stunning part of this article lies buried in the use of a phrase long considered to be at the very core of the problem between whites and blacks in this country… Nearly 250 years ago. Back then there was a universal belief by whites that blacks were inferior, somehow, and not considered worthy of being treated as equal human beings. That was clearly wrong then, remained wrong long after Abraham Lincoln, and stayed wrong until Martin Luther King, and his peers, enlightened blacks and whites alike about how a man (or woman) should rightly be judged.

Before King, just about everything a white person could say about a black person’s “place” in the order of things had been said and deeply ingrained in the minds of generations of white people. Black people too. And at the cost of his own life, King planted a seed that would ultimately lead to the entire world coming to understand how fundamentally wrong it was to treat a fellow human being in any other way than as an equal.

In the generations since his death, the vast majority of white people in this country have embraced King’s message about the equality of all men and women regardless of the color of their skin. Yes… Yes… There are still white racists in America, and non-white racist as well, but let’s be clear that it was never King’s intentions to turn blacks into racists against whites. It was his intention to bury racism once and for all and teach men and women of every color and creed that we are all equal in the eyes of God and that we needed to start treating each other accordingly.

He never intended for people like Tiffany Cross, and countless other blacks just like her, to become the very sort of racist he sacrificed his life trying to eradicate:

“If you are not “a person of color,” it’s not “your place” to determine if President Donald Trump is a racist.”

The saddest part about this lady, and all the other people just like her, is that it seems white people were paying more attention to King’s message than anyone else.

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Source: MSNBC Guest Tiffany Cross: It Is Not White People’s Place to Determine If Trump Is Racist | Breitbart

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