Faces Of The Modern Democrat Party?


This entry was initially intended to be a quick remark about Michael Moore once again inserting himself into the national conversation… Presuming that any of us gives a rip any more about his opinion than anyone else’s… And mocking him for being a fanboy of those babes in the so-called “Squad“. But as I skimmed his tripe, and then did a Google image search for “The Squad”, I came across a blog post from – of all places – Daily Kos – and I had an epiphany.

For starters, everyone on the left- from young to old- should seriously ask themselves whether or not these rising liberal media stars speak FOR them and represent THEIR interests in Washington, or whether they just might be sucking up their own 15 minutes of fame (and future book deal and made-for-TV-movie fortunes) before they crash and burn like so many others before them. They should also ask themselves whether or not they truly believe that being angry all the time, and being pissed off at – and hating – everyone that isn’t exactly like them, is truly the only way to behave in order to make America a better place than they think it is today.

These are fair questions.

Now, as much as I try to limit my exposure to the liberal media’s incessant drumbeat of hating Trump and hating America and hating Republicans and hating white people… Saving their deepest loathing and greatest disdain for white men and white Christians… I consider it my civic duty to keep half a jaded eye on the goings-on within their echo chamber. And it is because of this personal sacrifice that I sought out and ultimately found some interesting factoids about the four socialist Democrat women that make up this silly little media-hyped band of National and political amateurs.

On the matter of Cortez (who I will never refer to by her silly little public brand):

D-NY-14 2018 General Election:
Votes cast for her: 110,318 – 78.2% (of total votes CAST)

The total population of her district, as of two years prior to her election?


NY-14 Census

Omar, DFL-MN-5 2018 General Election:
Votes cast for her: 267,703 – 78.0% (of total votes CAST)
The total population of her district, as of two years prior to her election?

MN-5 Census

Pressley, D-MA-7 2018 General Election:
Votes cast for her: 216,557 – 98.2% (of total votes CAST)
The total population of her district, as of two years prior to her election?

MA-5 Census

Tlaib, D-MI-13 2018 General Election:
Votes cast for her: 165,355 – 84.2% (of total votes CAST)
The total population of her district, as of two years prior to her election?

MI-13 Census

The total number of votes cast four these for women in the 2018 election was 759,933. The total number of people that live in their four districts, combined, is 2,894,179. This means that roughly one-quarter of the voters in their districts sent them to Washington to speak for, and act on behalf of, 100% of the residents that live in them.

This is shameful.

Shameful, in part, because so few people give a rip anymore about the election process. Shameful, in part, because so many voices go unheard in Washington. And shameful, perhaps most of all, because it lays bare the reality that Democrats in particular, and politicians in general, are singularly focused on getting to… And staying in… Washington DC and not on conducting the Peoples’ business.

ALL of the people’s business.

If you don’t believe me, spend some time Googling the names of these Representatives… Whether you love them or hate them… And notice what their media coverage is. There is, essentially, a 90-10 split between what they think and how they feel versus what laws they wrote or what laws they got passed or what laws they got struck down. Whichever side you are on, it won’t take long to see how much they are in it for themselves and their notoriety… And the attention they draw to themselves… versus how much they are in it for their constituents.

The second of my two link sources below is coincidentally tied to this entry because, as I was doing my research, Cortez, D, NY-14 was reportedly back on her high horse railing against the Electoral College and – wielding her Alt-Racist rhetoric – suggesting that it was “affirmative action for Rural Americans”.

It’s funny, sort of, but mostly it’s just sad to watch these rookie mistakes. I almost feel a little sorry for her… ALMOST… Because if she could only shut her mouth long enough to listen, learn and comprehend the Founders’ thinking on this issue she might be able to see that, without the rationale behind the creation of the Electoral College, her and her cohorts would more than likely never have made it into their primaries let alone ascending to their lofty entitled positions in Washington where all they have to do is bitch and complain about everything that’s wrong in this country without ever having to actually do any hard, real legislative work to make any of it right.

Sources: Michael Moore: Let’s Hope ‘The Squad’ Is the Face of the Democratic Party ‘Because That’s How We’re Going to Win’ | Breitbart

Source: Ocasio-Cortez: Electoral College is ‘Affirmative Action’ for Rural Americans | Breitbart

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