Kim Jong Un and the Feral Caged Animal Syndrome

Posted by on June 30, 2019 12:31 pm
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We know the human race is but part of the animal kingdom. Some people believe, because we are able to reason and speak, we’re different from other animals. We are not. Since the Korean War, it has been the policy of the United States of America to keep the heads of North Korea in a cage. A feral animal in a cage is much more dangerous than a free roaming neutered feral.

Trump has given the newest dictator a taste of something he has never had, nor has his country ever seen – Freedom. You think to yourself he is free to roam his country, which is true, but that isn’t freedom, freedom is being allowed to participate in the great Big World out there. Kim Jong Un is the easiest to have turned his head to the possibilities of being part of the world of nations, he has always loved the culture of America

Dennis Rodman and his “friend for life” Kim Jong Un love to jet ski and belt out James Brown at karaoke whenever they’re together, the former NBA star divulged Tuesday.

The unlikely couple’s bromance blossomed after the cross-dressing athlete visited North Korea for a basketball trip in 2013.

“We basically have fun, people don’t realize that,” Rodman said Tuesday on “Megyn Kelly Today.” “We go to his private island, we go jet skiing.”

“You’ve gone jet skiing with Kim Jong Un?” an incredulous Kelly asked.

“Oh yeah, we go jet skiing, we sing karaoke … He tries to sing James Brown. I try to sing it with him,” Rodman explained, before breaking out into Brown’s song “Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine.”

“What was he wearing when he was on the jet ski?” Kelly pressed.

“Shorts and T-shirt,” Rodman said.

Kim wants what most celebrities want, to be recognized. Kim never stood a chance at not having his country obliterated, and until Trump, he wasn’t able to back down. Trump has given Kim an out, Kim has everything to gain, and Trump has nothing to lose. Six decades of containment, and all that was ever created was a consistent military presence in the DMZ, billions in aid to feed their military, (you didn’t think the citizens got that food did you?) and a stronger China as their keeper. So, no President ever thought serious discussions without China’s involvement was a path? Why is that? It seems so simple, it was so simple a businessman named Donald J Trump brought it to the fore in 1999.


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