“Social Norms,” Joe Biden as #CreepyUncleJoe


Dr. Jill Biden, the wife of former Vice President/Senator Joe Biden, notes in her book how uncomfortable his consistent touching made her as an introvert. I’m no introvert, and never have been, however, I’ve only met a few people like Joe in my 53 years and one was my husband’s uncle. When I met him he came at me to hug me and plant a kiss on my lips. I backed up looked him dead in the eyes, and said, “do not ever do that again, we don’t know each other that way.” The other times were while out drinking with friends, and both times the guys got a smack in the face. I’m an extrovert, and I don’t allow people into my private space unless I say so. None of that is to say I haven’t allowed men or women for that matter, to come into my space and give me a hug and a kiss, but again, I allowed them to do so. There were no confusion or mixed signals, and so I hugged back and kissed them back. I find it hypocritical of Jill to have allowed herself to feel strange, and yet not discuss with Joe that he is making others feel uncomfortable. This is not a change in social norms – as no one has ever felt comfortable with huggers like Joe who take liberties not given to them.

Jill Biden Admits Husband’s Constant Touching Once Made Her Feel ‘Strange’

The report comes as several women have come forward to accuse former Vice President and possible 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden of inappropriate touching in recent days.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘He was always holding my hand, putting his arm around me, or brushing the hair from my face,’ when they began dating, the former Second Lady writes in her ‘deeply personal’ memoir Where the Light Enters: Building a Family, Discovering Myself due out next month and exclusively obtained by DailyMailTV. She admits that being thrust into a family of ‘huggers’ made her feel ‘strange and uncomfortable’, writing that Joe and his two young sons ‘never wanted to miss a chance to hold a hand, wrap their arms around each other, or give a kiss’.

She says that as an introvert, she ‘sometimes found all that affection draining’, but knew that it was the death of his first wife Neilia and their baby daughter Naomi that gave the family an understanding of ‘how precious every second could be’, which was displayed by ‘constantly touching’ and ‘being connected to each other’.


Jill tells of Joe’s nighttime ritual with the boys where he’d gently scratch their backs and arms as they settled in to sleep. ‘With your fingernails!’, the boys would insist.

‘He did the same at Mass as a way of keeping them still,’ she writes.

In his first public appearance since the allegations, Biden on Friday made light of his tendency to be affectionate while delivering a speech aimed at winning back the white, blue-collar workers who backed President Donald Trump in 2016.

That was lovely that he finally got permission to hug a little boy… Of course, hugging children is another problem for #CreepyUncleJoe because we teach our children to not let strangers touch them, and now he is getting permission to do that. Joe didn’t get permission for decades to run his hands over little kids before doing so. You aren’t teaching your children well if you spout out one thing, but allow a Joe Biden to enter their private space so you can participate in politics.

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy
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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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