Infanticide: America’s Moment of Moral Crisis


We have reached a critical juncture; this is a defining moment in America’s conscience. There is only one other time in our country’s history when we faced a moral question of such great magnitude – Slavery.

Our entire moral-social fabric is about to be shredded. No society can survive once it starts killing its young. That’s exactly what abortion/infanticide is – the killing of the next generation. Even if we set aside, for the moment, the immorality of the deed, killing millions of the next generation goes against the Laws of Nature, and survival of a species.

Dramatic words? No. A society or culture which condones wanton killing of innocent babies cannot survive physically or morally. Mankind is writing its own death warrant. Charles Darwin would be aghast if he were alive today – seeing progressives disregard the very rules of survival.

We have been on this road for several decades – starting with the Supreme Court’s infamous 1972 decision in Roe v Wade,

From “Infanticide in New York State”

In 1983, following the Tenth Anniversary of Roe v Wade, President Ronald Reagan wrote an essay, “Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation.” Read it, it’s an extraordinary and profound statement about what 10 years of Roe v Wade had caused since that infamous ruling. Reagan makes several important points, including the most important one, not only about “when does life begin” but “what value does a human life have?”

“What value does a human life have?” That is the question America will be answering over the next several months as she watches a radical political party enshrine into law the “right” to not only kill viable infants in the womb, but to kill them after their birth.

This is not a new concept. In 2012, “ethicists” Alberto and Francesca Giubilini, and Minerva introduced the idea of after-birth abortion – this is what the Left has been moving toward with each new judicial ruling they managed to extract from friendly Leftist judges. It is also why America went from “safe, legal and rare” to abortion on demand, for any reason, at any time – during, up to, and including delivery.

The latest move is taking the life of a newborn after birth. New York State not only passed this legislation, but they enshrined the law into their State Constitution. BTW, New York had not taken up this bill since 2006 – they had to wait 13 years until they wrested control of the Statehouse from the Republicans. It is a reminder that the radical Left (Democrats) never stop moving or marching toward their “ideal” society.

New York’s move was celebrated by Gov. Cuomo who ordered the World Trade Center spire lights turned pink. Steve McCann, from American Thinker, said this about New York’s bill:

The United States is now the only so-called civilized nation in the world that has codified and legalized infanticide. There is no longer an argument over when life begins rather that this nation is now approaching the same disregard for humanity exhibited by the Third Reich in the 1930’s.

The World Trade center lights should have been red, for the blood of the Innocents past, present, and future.

New York’s radical abortion law started a #MeToo cascade of similar legislation from other states which produces the same outcome: being killed after being born, either actively or through intentional neglect. The wording of the legislation was designed specifically to deny the existence of life (and entitled rights) as a newborn, and that it was to be denied lifesaving medical care.

Virginia made its own attempt at joining New York, but was stopped, for now, by the GOP-controlled legislature. Governor Northam’s support for infanticide was accidentally outed in a radio interview. The bill was tabled; it should have been torn up into little pieces. It will rear its ugly head if the Democrats take control of the Statehouse in the next election cycle – November 2019.

Here are several states who are actively pursuing legislating infanticide besides New York and Virginia: Vermont didn’t want to be outdone by New York – this is their bill. Illinois prefers that they be the abortion capital of America. Rhode Island is going for barbaric, and New Mexico didn’t want to be outdone in their show of progressive depravity solidarity.

Democrats are passing all these laws under the guise of women’s health and women’s reproductive rights. By coding into law the concept that a newborn baby is not a human being – with all the rights and protections of life we afford adults, it effectively sends this country back into the Stone Age era – where understandably “uncivilized” was the norm. There is nothing civilized about killing our unborn children, or committing infanticide.

This killing is being done with painful, inhumane methods. Barbarism cannot be sugarcoated. Vassar Bushmills noted this in his article, “The Abortion Gulag and the Law”:

If you want a 3-minute mind-picture of just what killing babies is like, I offer this testimony of a now-reformed New York abortion doctor, Dr. Lavatino, who describes a second tri-mester abortion in detail.

We euthanize our pets in more humane ways than what is being done to our unborn children. How could we have this so backwards?

At the time President Reagan wrote about the conscience of a nation, this country still had a conscience. America had a moral compass. It was during the 1990’s when the underground efforts of the Left began to emerge. We had a brief respite during George W. Bush’s two terms, but he did not see the danger. Once a radical Democrat, Barack Obama, who as an Illinois State Senator, supported partial-birth abortion and infanticide, was elected to the presidency, the final push brought us to the passage of laws being legislated today.

The Democrats have ended all pretense of morality – this was made clear at their 2012 National Convention – where they dropped the mention of God from their party’s platform. Once the concept of God is removed from the Public Square, it is removed from the Public Consciousness, and then we have the end of the National Conscience. Morality gives us a conscience, without it, we are nothing more than craven beings.

What is a conscience?

“The complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual.”

Societies, cultures, and nations themselves have a conscience. It is a shared common morality and conscience. Once it is removed from the individual, as has happened in our public schools by removing all learning about Judaic-Christian values, it is an easy step for the group at large – society – to become adrift, without an anchor – this leads to a society/culture acting without moral restraint or constraint.

This is where we are today. We have a Congress made up of more people than not who represent godlessness and depraved indifference to the meaning of life, and in whose minds a human being has no value. It’s an incredible moral bankruptcy that stalks the halls of governance in DC. Congress could not pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act – fetal pain bill – to stop abortions when we know that a baby can feel pain, and yesterday, the Democrats refused to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act – this bill would have supported medical care for any infant born alive after an abortion. They’re now allowing states to go forth and essentially kill a live, viable newborn baby.

Think about that – killing without conscience, without remorse.

By these radical, new abortion laws, now encompassing infanticide, Democrats have exposed and proved they are morally bankrupt. The next question to ask:
Is the Nation?

America is beyond facing a moral crisis, it is facing an existential crisis. Its entire moral foundation is about to be dispensed with if the taking of innocent lives is allowed to go forward. We will join the infamous ranks of Hitler’s Third Reich and the Communist dictators who killed millions.

The Supreme Court ajudicates the law based on the Constitution. The Constitution was written as a moral document. For America to survive, the law and morality cannot be separated.

Meanwhile, America’s current count in the genocide of the unborn since the passage of Roe v Wade is 61 million, and counting:

Number of abortions worldwide.

Picture credit: 24 week unborn baby.

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Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)

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