Ralph Northam’s Brotherhood of Silence


Alternative title: “A Conspiracy of Silence”

Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, made national news last week for two issues: 1) supporting infanticide all the way up to, and including post-birth, and 2) someone revealed his Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook page picturing him as a guy in blackface, or a KKK outfit. There isn’t a definitive answer as to which one is Gov. Northam. The Governor now says it’s not him in the picture. What Governor Northam apologized for on Friday, he retracted on Saturday.

The likelihood of someone else’s photos being submitted for his special, exclusive yearbook page is nil.

Washington Times article notes this:

“He acknowledged his version of events over the photo was unlikely to be accepted, saying he realized it was convoluted.

But he insisted he didn’t know of the photo’s existence, never bought the yearbook, and despite initially saying it was him, no longer believes that was so.”

Governor Northam is prevaricating. Lying. Now says he didn’t purchase a yearbook… what about his classmates who did? They would have said, “Hey Ralph” look at your page in the yearbook!” “Wow, did you know they’ve got a a photo of you in blackface, or was that you in the Klu Klux Klan outfit?” “Gee, Ralph, you didn’t give them that picture? Then you’ve got to report it, and the publisher has to edit and reprint a new edition.”

Do you see where this goes? Not only is Ralph Northam not telling the truth about that yearbook picture, but what about the 100 plus classmates of his medical school graduating class – few would have been unaware of Ralph Northam and that picture, including the man himself.

This brings us to the “Brotherhood of Silence” but let’s call it what it really was/is, “A conspiracy to keep silent.”

Fast forward from 1984 to 2008 and 2013:

Ralph Northam was first elected as a Virginia state senator in 2008, coming in on the anti-GOP wave, and Barack Obama’s strong coattails. In 2013, he ran for Lt. Governor on the Democrat ticket with Terry McAuliffe (Hillary Clinton’s guy). Ralph Northam won his race, and the Democrats swept all three top offices. They repeated the sweep in the 2017 elections.

There was a significant incident during the 2013 campaign. Mr. Northam refused to shake the hand of his opponent, Pastor E.W. Jackson, who happens to be Black. Draw your own conclusions. That’s on video, so Northam cannot dispute refusing to shake Pastor Jackson’s hand, but even more egregious, was Northam’s attitude toward Pastor Jackson throughout the debate. He acted as if the Reverend was not there. Did CNN point it out? Did they report it? No, just as with all mainstream media, it’s only news if its negative for Republicans. Imagine the headlines if it had been a White Republican candidate refusing to shake the hand of a Black Democrat candidate.

The Democrat Party, with the help of CNN, covered for Mr. Northam. They pretended nothing untoward happened. If there is one thing we know about the mainstream media is that if they don’t report something as being news, then it didn’t happen or it was “much ado about nothing.”

They obviously succeeded because Ralph Northam became Lt. Governor. Virginia law only allows one four-year term for their governors, so when McAuliff was term limited, Mr. Northam takes his turn. He won the Governor’s seat in 2017. His GOP opponent was Ed Gillespie. There was an issue during that campaign as well. In some parts of the state the flier posting the Democrat slate for voters left off the Lt. Governor’s name, Justin Fairfax, who is Black. Some people perceived it as racist, others said it was because Fairfax didn’t support the gas pipeline being built in Virginia, so in some parts of the state they didn’t want to remind voters of the problem with Fairfax. Draw your own conclusions.

In all of this is a conspiracy of silence. From the time Ralph Northam first ran for Virginia’s Senate, to his election as Lt. Governor, and then Governor, someone knew, and likely many knew about that yearbook. During his state senate years there had been some talk of his switching political alliances, Dem to GOP, which would have given the GOP control of the Statehouse, but Northam met with his Democrat compatriots, came out of the meeting and said he was sticking with the Democrats. Someone in the backroom may have shown Northam his yearbook.

Mr. Northam had a brotherhood. His Virginia Military Institute (VMI) certainly was one, his brothers in arms. It’s a group that stays with him forever. VMI provided an extended family, a close circle, they’re the ones who gave him the nickname, “Coonman.” Ralph Northam stated that he doesn’t know why his friends gave him that nickname.

We have his brothers at VMI, his medical school class (approximately 100, mostly male at that time) at Eastern Virginia Medical School, and not one of his fellow graduates spoke up about that yearbook picture as he climbed up the political ladder in Virginia. Some of them knew, it’s statistically impossible for them not to have known. His friends, acquaintances, and colleagues remained silent.

Next up is the Democrat Party of Virginia and the mainstream media. They’re one and the same. Research is what they’re good at, especially finding and exploiting any dirt, real or made up, about their political opponents. It has cost many a Republican candidate an election win. They are feigning their lack of a thorough background investigation. They have to have known about this yearbook, but kept silent because he fit their top requirement – supporting radical abortions/infanticide.

There was clearly a suppression of this yearbook – either Mr. Northam himself would have let the Democrats know, or they addressed it with him. The outcome? The yearbook story would never see the light of day. Ralph Northam’s candidacy and governorship would be protected.

Now the Republicans. Ed Gillespie ought to get a refund from the people who ran his campaign. Either they didn’t do due diligence in their opposition research or they did, and had other reasons for not letting the public know. It will be discussed for years whether the Republican Party of Virginia actually knew about Mr. Northam’s yearbook. They certainly knew about his overt racism towards Pastor Jackson in 2013.

Alternative media, or people who supposedly represent our side – they’re culprits too. Dan Bongino, who likes his screentime and political analysis segments on the cable news stations, has publicly stated that he had this information in Oct. 2018, but it wasn’t “verified” so he didn’t do anything with it. As far as Virginians go, Mr. Bongino’s credibility is gone. It wouldn’t have been difficult for alt media and citizen journalists to verify the report. Virginians want to know why Mr. Bongino didn’t do further investigation. After all, the suppression of that yearbook, even after the Northam’s election in 2017, would have affected the outcome of our federal elections in 2018. The GOP lost a number of incumbent seats to Democrats in 2018, perhaps if the public – who had a right to know – had been duly informed about their Democrat Governor’s past, they would have made better voting decisions.

Why does all this matter? Virginia now has in place an openly pro-abortionist, advocate of infanticide – after birth abortions. it’s important to note that infanticide, killing of viable unborn babies has been going on for decades, only now the Left is open about it.

The Democrats have long had this plan, it’s who they are. Protecting and hiding the darkness of people like Ralph Northam is how they take power. They find the perfect candidate, a physician, a pediatrician no less, and massage him all the way into the governor’s office.

What happens if Governor Northam resigns? Then the Lt. Governor, Justin Fairfax, takes over. Who is Justin Fairfax? He has served on the Planned Parenthood Metro Washington Action fund for years. Raising money. Planned Parenthood poured millions into getting Northam and Fairfax elected in Virginia, that’s why the bill for legalizing after-birth abortions was in committee.

Mr. Fairfax has long advocated for allowing 40 week abortions. He’s on the same page as Gov. Northam, but worse. Why? Mr. Fairfax is Black, and the Democrats will play the race card to keep him around next election.

Virginia has been poorly served by both her political parties, and Ralph Northam’s yearbook story is simply a blip on the radar. The real story is the conspiracy of silence which allowed this man, because his radical views were hidden, to become Governor of Virginia.

Ralph Northam’s story also proves the depth of the Democrats’ influence, and the MSM’s full cooperation in pushing the Leftist’s agenda forward. It means they’re one and the same – enemies of the People.

PS: Don’t be distracted by the virtue-signals from the Dems calling for Northam’s resignation; they had to get Virginia’s plan for full out infanticide out of the headlines.

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Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)

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