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The Media’s Intentional “Rush to Judgement”

It’s been several days since the Covington Boys met Native American “elder” Nathan Phillips in a confrontation at the Lincoln Memorial. The incident has been reported in the media as an “attack” on an elderly man. A Native American, which apparently gives more status to an elderly person in this country, than regular elderly folks. The media’s descriptions of the boys’ conduct has ranged from taunting, smirking, sneering, and even physically assaulting, Mr. Phillips.

The headlines in the print media, internet, and social media went into hyper-drive in their desire to prove, once-in-for-all, how horrible, how racist, how hateful the Right is, and how anyone who supports traditional American values must be destroyed. The March for Life in DC was fertile ground to find these people. These individuals and groups are often aligned with President Trump and his MAGA agenda

In the media’s eyes, that’s the greater sin – the fact that these same people, who oppose abortion, also support President Trump. The mainstream media went right to it – destroy the young people, marginalize them, silence them and control the narrative. One Democrat Congressman, Rep. John Yarmouth, stated that #MAGA hats must be removed from children – what he is really saying is remove MAGA hats from society.

This “Rush to Judgement” – which now all the main media outlets are having to walk back, wasn’t a rush to judgement – this was their auto-pilot lynching of anyone/anything they can use to push their Leftist narrative. Everything the media does is with this goal in mind: to destroy traditional Americans, white or black. Add in the fact that these young people happen (for the most part) to be white and Catholic, now that’s a greater sin in the Lefties’ eyes, and the bigger target. People of faith, especially Judeo-Christians are easy targets.

The malignant media isn’t targeting those boys (yes, in the short-term they are) but in the long-term it’s about getting to the millions of Americans who want to restore and rejuvenate America as she was founded. This is the desire of the MAGA movement, and it is at absolute odds with the Leftist cause.

Any story, incident or event, or individual they can use to promote their leftist worldview, and generate a sense of outrage, will be used. People like those young people, standing for the unborn, and others who simply support President Trump, are all that stands in the way of the final assault and success of their agenda. They’ve been moving this way for 50-60 years, though I have intellectual friends who note how it goes back at least 100 years, to Woodrow Wilson.

Years ago, I labeled the media as malignant. They are malignant. They pervert truth. The media got a blank check during Barack Obama’s administration. Every story was slanted or subverted to make traditional Americans look bad and unacceptable. Hillary Clinton called President Trump’s supporters “Deplorables” – that hasn’t gone away. The media’s inference is that we are “undesirable,” not to be tolerated. Nor are we to have a voice, or a presence in society. Compare the media coverage of the 100,000 who “Marched for Life” vs the coverage of the 10,000 in the “Women’s March.” This is how the MSM sets the narrative, suppresses information, and controls the content of news to the general public.

Whenever an opportunity arises the MSM is going to paint a false narrative. That’s exactly what happened with the “Incident at the Lincoln Memorial.” I’ve named it that, seems fitting, and reminds one of the “The Ox-Bow Incident” – a literary classic.

The malignant media pushes narratives, talking points, hyperbole, outrage, rage, etc. etc. (Check out social media for the filthy comments about what should happen to the Covington High School children.) Yes, that’s what’s been unleashed in our society. There’s a purpose to this. It’s to marginalize, isolate and condemn a segment of the population in the public’s consciousness. It’s the 21st Century’s version of the Third Reich.

The rest of the story, or the real story:

At this site, heavynews(dot)com which I won’t link, but just to let you know this is the brief DuckDuckGo summary showing before one goes to the site. The rest you can imagine. It starts: “Nathan Phillips, Five Fast Facts You Need to Know”

“The Native American man taunted and ridiculed by a mob of white Covington Catholic High School students in Washington D.C. is a Vietnam veteran, tribal elder, educator, and musician Nathan Phillips.”

When you click on the link it takes you to a surreal world of journalism. As in what universe did the activists expect to pull off such blatant lying about the entire encounter?

Excerpt from the misleading article, describes the Covington boys as a “mob” ”
1. Phillips & Others at the Indigenous People’s Day March Say the Trump-Supporting Students Had a ‘Mob Mentality’ Phillips then went on to say:

“This is our reality. 2019. a swarm of young, unattended Trump supporters gathered to cause a scene, disrespect our cultures, and put fear into us. i was pushed and laughed at by teenage boys who grew up to believe their lives are more important than ours,” the original post on Instagram read. The video has since been removed. “They shouted things like ‘Gone in 2020’ and mocked us. i am still in shock. i don’t know what to say other than that i’m sad and deeply shaken. this is our reality. 2019.”

In the Washington Post, Nathan Phillips is quoted:

“It was an aggressive display of physicality. They were rambunctious and trying to instigate a conflict,” Iron Eyes said. “We were wondering where their chaperones were. [I] was really trying to defuse the situation.”

Why did I post the ugly words? Because the entire malignant media complex ran with the same falsehoods. The same blatant distortions and outright lies. All the usual suspects, The Washington Post, USA Today CNN, etc. etc. all went running for their word processors, their iphones, typing out the scoop of the day. White teenage boys, Catholic, spread racism and attack an elderly Native American Indian. The media never misses an opportunity to attack Christianity, and Catholics happen to be a group that they can get to with a laser focus.

You get the picture. The worst of it went on for at least 2-3 days, until… until the videos got out there. Now the story changes, at least from the viewpoint of conservatives on our side, and yes, there were some doing that rush to judgement thing, and now they have to walk it back. The only reason why the malignant media is doing any walking back is because of those videos. (Thank you, Andrew Breitbart, & smart phones) The videos which show from every angle possible, the entire story – including the expression on Nick Sandmann’s face, the uneasy smile of an adolescent boy.

This is the video which everyone should see. It’s fact no one can deny, not even the lying eyes of the MSM.

Anyone can see how it went down, and those kids weren’t talking trash, they stayed quite calm and weren’t screeching and screaming as the Black Hebrew Israelites were using racial slurs against the kids.

Nathan Philips has a long history of ugly activism, and beating a drum in someone’s face/ears can be perceived as a potential physical threat. My only regret is that the kid(s) didn’t turn their backs, and walk away which would have changed the situation immediately, and defeated the narrative Phillips was going to run with.

Phillips and the Left didn’t win this battle – the media are walking their stories back, deleting tweets, and voicing false mea culpas. But why did this happen in the first place? It wasn’t a mistake, or a desire to scoop a news’ story, it was and is the shameful and egregious effort to use propaganda to complete their takeover of the country.

No one should lose sight of the underlying message in these incidents. Every word they write or speak is scripted. It’s intentional, and as we’ve seen, escalating daily. “Incident at the Lincoln Memorial” was simply another move on their part. The real mob mentality in this story? The malignant media – it’s how they intend to destroy those who don’t do Leftist group think. It’s a long-term plan, but they’ve moved closer to their goal than we ever could have imagined back in 2008.

President Trump, and We the People are all that stand in their way.

Lady Penguin
Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)

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