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How Low Can CNN Go?

Apparently there is no low too low for CNN. Ana Navarro’s latest antics give final proof to their classlessness and lack of moral compass in their hires. We all know Jim Acosta, he of the, “What can I do to demonstrate my hatred towards President Trump today?” While Acosta has always been upfront about which side of the aisle he supports, Ana Navarro slithers around like a snake, grabbing whatever opportunity she can to trash President Trump and his policies. But the hidden darts she throws prove she has nothing in common with decent people, let alone people who voted for President Trump.

At this point in the game, if a Republican is a Never Trumper, I contend they were never a Republican to start with. They’re just Democrats wearing the cloak of Republicanism, and the more they’re on stage, the easier it is to see that they were Democrats all along.

Wiki explains Ana Navarro this way: Nicaraguan-born American Republican strategist and political commentator for CNN, and other media outlets.”

Ms Navarro may call herself a “Republican strategist,” and the media trots her out there as a commentator, pundit… but there isn’t anything Republican or conservative about this woman. She’s a hate-filled elitist snob who is simply being paid enough money to have sold her soul.

We already know her as a #NeverTrumper, she told the world that she voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Ms. Navarro used the excuse that she found Donald Trump unacceptable because of the Trump-Bush (locker room tapes) which surfaced in 2016. Ms. Navarro continues to hate on President Trump despite the fact his policies are compatible with Republican policies. Of course, there are other so-called Republicans who are Never Trumpers who don’t agree with POTUS’ policies either, but it’s simply a matter of recognizing that our party has been infiltrated and controlled by Democrats in Republican clothing. Some, like Mitt Romney got in by hiding in the Republican Trojan Horse. BTW, we knew this about Romney in the 2012 presidential primary, and he hasn’t proven us wrong.

Ana Navarro has never missed an opportunity to slam President Trump, but what possesses a person to reveal to the world that they’re without conscience, decency or morality? I’m talking about this latest from Navarro – her blatant contempt for the people who have suffered the loss of loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens. Crimes perpetuated against innocent Americans by illegals number in the thousands, and hundreds have died at illegals’ hands – if they weren’t in America illegally, then they wouldn’t have been breaking other laws which brought them contact with law enforcement or innocent people. Remember Kate Steinle. “Help Me, Dad”

Ana Navarro filing her nails in disrespect, rolling her eyes, smirking, contemptuous, smug – must be a 100 adjectives describing Ms. Navarro’s behavior in this clip, but one picture gives us a 1,000 words.

In case you haven’t seen Officer Singh’s brother’s grief-stricken talk,

Every day slain Officer Singh’s family wakes up crying, even his police dog is mourning, waiting for the man and friend who won’t ever come home again.

Ana Navarro’s mocking disdain of the losses and grief suffered by families because of illegal aliens not only reveals bad manners, it exposes her inhumanity.

Now we know how low CNN will go…

This is CNN.

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