Trump May be Putting the Media’s back up Against the Wall, Not Democrats


In the strictest sense, the Democratic leadership did not lie about Trump’s comments that they had all supported a Wall in the past. They stonewalled it, for every thing Trump said they said over the past several years, including Obama (who’s been quiet), was true. And of course Trump could be proved simply by pushing the Play button on his tape recorder.

For some reason, however, the Media, almost to a man (sic), have called Trump a liar. Trump has 2-3 ways to go, including declaring a state of emergency about the Border, knowing he will lose in the first court, but will likely win on an immediate appeal to SCOTUS.

With 80% of the American people wanting this Wall, and the media knowing it. they will come off as the bigger losers, for their sanctimony actually runs much deeper than Democrats, who are dogs that everyone, even their own voters know are dogs. The media’s core constituency is diminishing weekly, but once it dips below 20%, there will be an incentive for competition.
There will always be a press establishment. Just not this one.

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