What Better Time to Cut the Federal Work Force, When the Private Sector Can Absorb at Least a Million?

It’s been an employee’s market ever since Donald Trump turned the economy around. Reports are that corporate hirers are hiring college grads who then don’t bother to show up, or send a notice, when they find something better.

In a roundabout way those corporations have something to do with the lack of manners of those new hires, but the bottom line, what better to transfer from 500,000 to a million federal employees into the private sector, where, for the first time in their lives, they will be a part of growing the economy by adding value to it, rather than taking dollars out of the national wealth.

(This debate went on fro over twenty years between William F Buckley and John Kenneth Galbraith, and since the departure of Ronald Reagan, it seems the private sector has been taking a beating.)

This is an idea whose time has come, turn a million deadbeat Americans into productive American, and possibly reshape what and how they are teaching young college students.

Citizen With Bark On