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Vagina monologues insufficiently woke

The left continues to become a mockery of everything, even itself. Not too many conservatives are fanboys or fangirls of The Vagina Monologues, because the idea of talking vaginas is very strange indeed. But these days even that most ‘woke’ of the ‘woke feminist’ theatrical displays is not ‘woke’ enough for today’s left. Now, following the discovery that ‘not all women have vaginas’ (because under the current rules men are women if they think they are) The Vagina Monologues can no longer be performed on college campuses or in leftist womens’ centers.

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Bernard Chumm

Underlying thesis here is that even nature can get it wrong, and Her determinations are also subject to the political process, all set forth by a segment of society for over 40 years that has never known physical pain or tasted a bar of Ivory soap. So easy to remedy. So easy.