From My CP: I’m Gonna Change My Name

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Harvest stutters on, a few days, maybe a week then it rains again.  Its a good year not to be a farmer.  Yields are good but getting the crops out of the field is nerve wracking.   The garden is dead and gone and my root cellar is full.  We had a bumper potato crop, the green beans just wouldn’t die, I’ve got 80 quarts frozen.  Even on the days it doesn’t rain the temperature struggles to reach 60.  We had 4 inches of snow two weeks ago, its gone now but that is one of the signs of “Winter’s Here.”  Its gonna be ugly, any day now and stay that way till May.

Speaking of ugly lets talk about politics.  The Party of Antifa, formerly of the KKK, the Party of Maxine Waters, the Party of the (fortunately) incompetent baseball sniper, the Party of thinly veiled, spurious sexual misconduct allegations and “guilty till proven innocent” has found a way to win the House and some of the heavy smokers believe the Senate.  They’re gonna change their names!  I’ll let the “Beaumont’s” explain the strategy.

WARNING:  The language is infantryesque and may be rough for little penguin ears, but it is funny.

“I’m gonna change my name to Waylon Shaver Van Zandt Foley, I’m gonna get so GD big ya know even you’re momma’s gonna know me!”

Across the country Democrat candidates are changing their names.  They’re actually far-left, big-govt, kill the unborn types, but they’ve changed their names.  Now they’re “moderates.”  Billy Sutton, the Democrat candidate for governor in South Dakota is a good example.  He’s running as a pro-life Democrat but he held a fund raiser with Planned Parenthood of South Dakota.  He campaigned for Hillary but was a Bernie supporter.  He’s no moderate, he’s a damned communist.

Claire McCaskel is demanding an investigation into Project Veritas legally recording her on video stating her TRUE positions on gun banning.  Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign staff brag about how far left she is going to be AFTER her re-election.  Bredeson in Tennessee belongs in California or Washington not anywhere near the Appalachians.

For those of you who aren’t classic country music junkies I’ll introduce the names the Beaumont’s were singing about.

Waylon doesn’t need an introduction, even milennials have been exposed to Waylon Jennings. Billie Joe Shaver, on the other hand is a different story.  Billy Joe wrote all but one of the songs on Waylon’s “Honky Tonk Heroes” album.  Here’s the title song performed by the writer…

What country artist wouldn’t want to be seen as Billie Joe Shaver?  Especially if you’re a talent-less pop artist like Blake Shelton from the third verse of the Beaumont’s song.  You know, “a chair I can turn around in and a robot to do my singin.”  Townes Van Zandt is the next name.  He was a singer-songwriter in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Seemingly one of country music’s rising stars he died on New Years Day 1997 of health problems resulting from a lifetime of alcohol and drug abuse.  Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard recorded one of his songs.

Blaze Foley is the next in my own personal Country Hall of Fame.  He was shot in the chest and died in ’89.  Here’s one of my favorites..,.

Blake Shelton can’t pass himself off as Billie Joe, or Townes or Blaze.  He can buy a “chair he can turn around in” but that don’t make him country.  Wearin a cowboy hat and lyin’ about your leftist beliefs don’t make you a moderate.

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  1. Jaded ByPolitics October 28th, 2018 at 11:20 am

    They can change their names all they want we know them by their actions and we will call them out!

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