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Love Breeds Accountability Takes a Look Back at Several #NeverTrumpers we’d Grown to Love, including Captain Kneepants

(I wanted to print out this piece entirely, but couldn’t copy the Tweets.)

Referred by Mollie Hemingway, a great read about the crow-eating of some of our favorite #NeverTrumpers, including Captain Kneepants and one of the Howe Brothers we sought to save right here at UP early in the 2016 campaign, when it was clear that the grown-ups had vision where the neo-intellectual kids were still wearing bi-focals. We did a piece on Jonah Goldberg as well as a response to the Feb 2016 National Review banner condemnation, which apparently went the same way as the very recent Democrat attack on Brett Kavanaugh, for pretty much the same reasons, “Trump fights”, as the author below lays out splendidly.

Some of the signatory writers in the “Against Trump” number were quicker than others to shush their bile and just watch as battalion after battalion of leftwingers jumped over the Golden Gate railing as well as sanity, as the true Left finally revealed of themselves what more mature and experienced observers always knew about their true intentions.

Just note, deep vanity does not go away simply because one is proved wrong publicly. The better man learns, the lesser person just hunkers, seethes and waits for another chance at vindication and may even secretly pray the Left will give it to them

Otherwise, enjoy. I love to see my “betters” names in lights.

After Kavanaugh Win, A Look Back At Jonah Goldberg & Others Who Mocked Trump Supporters For Saying ‘He Fights!’

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Jaded ByPolitics
Jaded ByPolitics
October 8, 2018 9:09 am

All need and continue to need a newspaper across the nose!

October 8, 2018 8:46 pm

What is most discouraging in the younger generation is the replacement of reason and logical thinking with subjective feeling and angry conformity, as our institutions of education have abandoned their patrimony and sold their birthright for the poisonous gruel of dogmatic indoctrination and abuse of authority.

Trump is changing the rules of engagement; the hegemonic left in response is tightening its coils baring its fangs, and striking out wildly, exposing to the world the recrudescing of the Ancient Evil that our forebears sought to banish forever.

We are at a Revolutionary Moment whether or not people recognize it yet.