“You can’t blame all men for all sexual assault and insist that you are standing up for women if it doesn’t also mean you do not recognize male victims.

If the Kavanaugh clusterf#ck taught us anything, it taught us that the rule of law is malleable if its application contradicts the fundamental tenets of Jihadi Feminism. It taught us, as well, that if you have a clit and you have a snit over a qualified candidate you don’t like, applying for a job he worked hard his whole life for and fairly earned, you can demand a suspension of constitutional protocol and insist on the world coming to a screeching halt until you have fabricated enough lies and half-truths to destroy his life.

And it taught us, most of all, that – solely based on suspiciously-timed and potentially libelous (and still unproven) charges against you – your life, and the lives of your family, along with your career, can be forever destroyed if you can’t satisfy the moving-target list of expectations Jihadi Feminists have about the way the world should work.

It is no small thing, either, that we also learned – as if we had ever doubted it before – just how tightly tied to the so-called mainstream media the Liberal and Progressive wings of the Democratic Party really are.

The collusion going on behind the scenes, between Democrats and their media wing, to destroy Trump at all costs… Even if it means burning the entire country and everyone in it to the ground… Should never be forgotten. And however you feel about the president, the lasting effect of what the left has done to this country will echo in the hearts and minds of many generations yet to come.

No big fan of Donald Trump, the man, I couldn’t be more enamored with how right he has been – as president – to suggest that the media is America’s greatest enemy. And I couldn’t be happier with how much better things are in this country lately… The things that count like the economy and the employment rate… and I couldn’t be more impressed with how much Congress is doing to improve the state of our nation in spite of how hard the left is working to ruin it.

In the short-term, however, perhaps the most regrettable part about this whole Kavanaugh disaster is the damage Jihadi Feminists have done to all the gains legitimate victims of sexual assault had been making in recent years to draw more attention to the issue of sexual assault. Legitimate activists, fighting to make legitimate progress in order to strengthen laws, improve enforcement, and increase the successful prosecution and conviction numbers of real abusers. Now, on the heels of this political hack job by Democrats trying to improve their chances of ascending to power in the midterms, no matter the cost or consequence, veiled under the cloak of a contrived national sex abuse crisis, all of that important progress will be set back for years to come.

By conflating the terms “inappropriate touching”, “indecent exposure”, “groping”, “sexual assault”, “rape”, and “gang rape”, and telling us that these all mean the same thing and are interchangeable, victims and law enforcement will have to work twice as hard to get to the facts of the case and the truth of what happened. Victims will increasingly be put on trial every bit as much as the perpetrators. As well, non-female victims have been all but delegitimized.

You can’t blame all men for all sexual assault and insist that you are standing up for women if it doesn’t also mean you do not recognize male victims. And in this day and age, with the many and varied lifestyle choices people are free to make, those countless numbers of male victims are now further pushed into the shadows of disbelief and anonymity.

It used to be that, in order to be considered a good woman, you had to have some small amount of style and charm and grace. It never hurt to have a little spice either. But what mattered most was that you took care of yourself and had a little pride, self-respect, common decency, and a kind and loving heart. Boys, too, should certainly possess these characteristics, but without mothers or sisters or wives, or daughters, boys are hard-pressed to master them without a fair amount of female guidance.

Unfortunately, given the way today’s so-called “Modern Woman” seems to feel about men… Terrorizing them, harassing their families, and accusing them all of being rapists and sexual predators… What they are teaching men is that women are batshit crazy and must be treated as the enemy. Or, at the very least, ignored and impugned and dismissed as unworthy partners in the fight for cultural change and social justice.

And, as much as today’s Jihadi Feminists might wish they could just kill all men, or deport them all to some remote island surrounded by man-eating sharks (all the white ones anyway) they could instead be part of making a far better world if they’d only stop blaming all men for all their problems.

A good place to start Would be to recognize how many of the world’s problems are of their own making. I know it’s asking a lot… Women do have a storied reputation for never admitting they are wrong after all.

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