Drinking The Tears Of CNN’s Schadenfreude #FAIL


It is this rabid tribalism, coming from the left, that is driving the country back to the right and directly into the open arms of the very president they are trying to destroy.

Schadenfreude is one of my most favored of favorite words. First of all, it just sounds cool and sort of rolls off your tongue. Second of all… by its very definition… it is a word which most accurately reflects my reaction to every bit of tripe and drivel that has emanated from the bowels of today’s “enlightened media complex” since the day their worst nightmare was elected President of the United States:

  • pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.

I should reiterate, up front and in the name of consistency, that I am not a fan of Donald Trump the man. Nor do I have to be. As with every other president that has come before him in my lifetime, it is my civic duty to stand behind whoever the president might be because he, or maybe she someday when the right one comes along, is my president.

Much the way the left relentlessly shoved down my throat the fact that I had to stand behind Obama, regardless whether I liked him, because he was my president.

Note to the progressive left: Quit whining. As long as I live there will be at least one voice on this godforsaken planet that will not allow you to have it both ways. Get over yourselves… good for the goose, good for the gander, and so on ad nauseam.

Now… to the matter of the referenced CNN article and its shameless misrepresentation of the facts.

McCain’s actual words through his lawyer… especially the words about the ‘tribalism’ McCain laments… are words the left should take most to heart because of the effect it’s having on the entire country… but it is CNN that would have everyone believe that McCain was talking singly about Trump and the Republicans who support him.

They would be wrong.

It is this rabid tribalism, coming from the left, that is driving the country back to the right and directly into the open arms of the very president they are trying to destroy. Further, it is their own enlightened media complex that is fanning the flames of civil unrest and fomenting violence by spreading the lies and misdirections and half-truths that are leading them all over the edge of the cliff and directly into the political ‘Red Sea’. I know… I know… it is no longer required that any member of the media should be held accountable for their journalistic malpractice, let alone expecting them to have any shame for outright lying to the American people.

It is what makes them ‘enlightened’ after all. They certainly tell us often enough that they know better what information we should be given because we are too stupid to be trusted with the full truth.

Except that CNN wants us to believe, by implication at least, that John McCain said anything specifically directed at Donald Trump right before he died.

Except he didn’t.

CNN wants us to believe that, because it fits their narrative, somehow John McCain is already a saint in heaven and Donald Trump will surely soon enough be the CFO for Satan in hell. Normal people out here, watching from the cheap seats, understand how important it is for organizations like CNN to encourage people to forget history… except those of us paying attention simply refuse to take the bait.

They want to gloss over the fact that they are praising McCain now, as a war hero, for having fought in a war all of them were against. They want you to forget that he was among the ranks of people they gleefully called “baby killers” barely a generation ago. They want you to forget that, as a member of the gang of 8, McCain supported the GOP under Bush II with respect to immigration reform and border security… and went along with the wall that was later defunded and ultimately killed in the House by Boehner. They don’t want you to remember, either, that McCain sold out both parties Vis-à-vis Campaign Finance reform… cynically looking ahead to how he might turn the tables in his favor for a presidential run none of us could have known at the time he was planning to make six years later.

Look… in my eyes McCain was a military hero solely because he served, and not because of anything he did or didn’t accomplish while he wore the uniform. In that regard, Trump should never have said what he did and neither should Bush II have tried to poke a pointy stick at McCain’s service to gain political advantage. They were both a##holes to do that, and future hopefuls should keep that in mind.

But as for the rest? In all his years of political service, McCain did nothing but sell out his constituents at every possible politically expedient moment in his career. That’s all. He promised the world to get elected and then he served only himself to stay that way. But you know what? So does every other narcissist that wants to get into office and stay there until the day they die. In that regard… shame on them all, including McCain. A true public servant would have stepped down once his illness was determined to be fatal so that the people of Arizona could have been served by an active and engaged member of the Senate rather than by someone who was too busy dying to tend to the needs of the people that put him in office.

Think I’m an insensitive a##hole? That’s fine… last I checked, and for now at least, it’s still a free country.

As for CNN’s twist of the truth, have a skim:

“But Mark Salter, McCain’s longtime speechwriter and confidant, told NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Monday that the senator’s circle did not want the week to become all about the President.
I’m going to try very hard not to think or talk about Donald Trump for this week and just do what I can to help make sure John is buried with the honors and decorum he’s earned from years of faithful service to this country,” Salter said.
Not being invited to preside over a great national occasion will surely sting for a man like Trump, who relishes the theatrics of the presidency. Still, there might be a political upside, since some of his devoted base voters viewed McCain as a political relic, especially following the President’s frequent attacks on the Arizona senator.
Putting the debate about Trump’s behavior aside, the gathering of establishment clans may also serve as an epitaph not just for McCain, but for the brand of conservatism that he favored. McCain, a Cold Warrior, was a disciple of President Ronald Reagan and adopted the later neoconservative assertiveness of the George W. Bush years.
Trump, by contrast, has cozied up to Vladimir Putin, the former KGB man who is seeking to revive some of Russia’s Soviet-era influence. The President has hammered Western institutions like NATO and the European Union that helped win the Cold War, he decries the Middle East conflicts that McCain advocated, and he believes the global trading system is rigged against the United States.
Weeks before a midterm elections, and with the next presidential race already stirring, remembrances of McCain will showcase the kind of values and policies that the Republican icon shared with his establishment contemporaries.”

Touching the CNN’s version of the truth might be, and in as much as the media – in general – need to politicize McCain’s death because they think it comes at the expense of Trump, all this drivel accomplishes is highlighting the reasons why Trump is president and McCain failed to achieve it; there are still enough people left in this country that have had enough of globalism and giving up the American identity in the name of international Group Hugs. Though it will never be said by the media, many of us out here – love him or hate him – have come to appreciate the Donald Trump is the political equivalent of the famed honey badger who does not do his job for the money or the glory and doesn’t give a f#ck what anybody thinks of him except the people that put in in the White House in the first place. And, even for me, that is damn refreshing. This would be a great time in history to have a couple more presidents with similar traits.

[Images via Woodland BC & WRBH]

Source: John McCain’s final message for Donald Trump – CNNPolitics

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vassar bushmills
August 29, 2018 4:29 pm

Whoo hoo!

Allen Ness
Allen Ness
August 30, 2018 9:20 pm

You know the future of our Nation comes down to “how many stupid voters can you get to the polls.” We’re probably fucked.
I’m pretty safe out here, great fields of fire, Easily tracked opposing forces,.. If things go south there you’re welcome here, I’m lookin for a good eye on a rifle…

Jaded ByPolitics
Jaded ByPolitics
August 31, 2018 4:51 pm

tweeted it out with your @