Steve Bannon wasn’t prophetic in that statement, he was telling you to your face how ugly making America great again was going to be. We’ve all known our government was out of control. The elected officials getting rich by being a so-called servant. Things that would have you doing life in prison, they walk away from. The Congress making settlements for Sexual Harassment on our dime. If you find the Cohen/Manafort trials as insipid, and a nipping at the heels of Trump and us, as I do, they are just the beginning. There was no Russia, there will never be a Russia collusion case unless they decide to go after Hillary Clinton. There is only the tactic of picking at you with these process trials to turn you against Donald J Trump for having these salacious people around him. If you give up, they win. I refuse to let them. Today is no different than the day you showed up to kick the swamp in the teeth, the only difference is we were satisfied for a moment. That moment has passed the battle begins anew.

When Lanny Davis, the Clinton’s bagman, is working with Mueller, their jackboot thug, to take away your right to vote for who you want, we’ve got a fight on our hands. Lets get ready to rumble. Lanny Davis

Todd returned to the question later:

Todd: [D]o they have evidence on one specific charge, this idea that President Trump, then-candidate Trump, directed Michael Cohen to do this? Other than Michael Cohen’s word that the president directed him to do this, do they have other physical evidence that the president directed Michael Cohen? I understand the physical evidence of the money transfers and all of that. But does he have evidence — is it more taped conversations? Is that the evidence?

Davis: Well, the prosecutors may have evidence they haven’t revealed. All I’ve read is the criminal information in which they state that there are individuals from the Trump campaign and from the Trump Organization who were involved, and Mr. [Rudy] Giuliani said, yes, Mr. Trump knew that he had to reimburse Mr. Cohen for the advance made for this payment. Is there any independent evidence that Mr. Trump said to Mr. Cohen, “You need to do this, I don’t want to do this?” That may come down to Mr. Cohen’s word versus Mr. Trump’s. And we’ll have to just, now that there’s a guilty plea, wait and see if Mr. Trump is willing under oath to say what Mr. Cohen said under oath, which is that he was directed to Mr. Trump to do this.

The enemy of America, the Deep State wants to wear you down, they want to break you. This is a war for the very heart and soul of this great nation, now is not the time to give up.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy