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After acquiring the necessary approvals from your leadership, I am happy to be able to join your ranks once again, to the extent I am able, moving forward into the midterms and beyond. Just to get the homecoming done and over with I am cross-posting a piece I did at my personal site which replaces the old Hickpolitics site that was taken over by a Chinese jewelry and makeup operation that has since gone dark. FML.

Much has happened in my life over the last several years but, as they say, “What doesn’t kill you gives you a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms and a really dark sense of humor”. I can attest to the truth of this:-)

Every so often you come across high-minded articles such as these that veil themselves under the cloak of trying to sound like the smartest kids in the room. It’s almost always a good romp… Especially when they use lots of big words. Liberal Progressives are good like that. The problem is, they are still wrong.
“But this isn’t the situation in the United States. Despite what the anti-liberal right has told itself for decades and all the way down to the present, its positions are not supported by a majority of the electorate. On the contrary, Republican electoral victories are increasingly dependent on gaming the system, and especially its multitude of counter-majoritarian veto points, to bring about outcomes that would be unachievable using democratic means.”
When the almighty Obama ruled, he did so by executive fiat. When Congress disagreed… Legitimately elected representatives of the people… Obama simply wrote his own rules. The system allows for this, but it is still gaming the otherwise intended uses of presidential power.

When Obama had Reid running the Senate, Reid made his own rules because he was in the majority… and because he could. This is also gaming a system that was designed to allow the majority some leeway in how they ran their business.

The point?


Both sides do this. It is the Democratic way. It is folly for the author of this article to suggest that Trump has somehow invented a way to rule the contrary against the will of the people.

Too effing bad…If the liberal progressives don’t like it they need to be back in the majority.


Good luck with that.

But when they finally are again, they will likewise put their positions in the House and Senate ahead of the will of the people they were elected to represent.

This is not a Republican or a Democrat issue… It is the nature of the beast in a two-party system. If you really want a more fair representation of the will of the people in American governance then maybe it’s time for a third and fourth and fifth party where coalitions will need to be built across demographic lines.

Until then, the Left needs to take it like the rest of us had to take it under the Obama dictatorship.

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Source: How Republicans became anti-democratic

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