Most of you probably remember the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” from the 1980’s. One of those B movies in a college setting where the A List group refuses to let any “nerds” into their fraternities, but of course the nerds out smart them.

Back in 2012 a lot of conservative Tea Parties started to notice something at the time they were lax to discuss and think about: mainly a conspiracy by the IRS to suppress their voices and deny them tax-exempt status. We aren’t exactly nerds, but the same idea applies.

Ohio activist Tom Zawistowski gathered together a small band of truth warriors, including myself, to investigate and aggregate the onerous demands of the IRS to these conservative Tea Parties and make a case to Congress and the people that this was really happening.

Who can’t remember this face before Congress: the smugness of Obama/Koskinen/IRS lackey Lois Lerner who was in charge of the “project” to derail conservative Tea Parties and force them to spend all their time and money fighting the IRS instead of helping to elect Mitt Romney.

But Lerner and her cronies underestimated the resolve of conservative patriots, and like the “Nerd” movie the A List IRS was blindsided by the resources of the Tea Parties.

Now after five long years, pay back has finally come, as Judge Michael Barrett ordered the IRS to pay damages of $3.5 million. Half will go to attorneys and the rest to around 100 Tea Parties at $17,000 each. Unfortunately it appears the settlement will come out of taxpayer funds.

So never fear, patriots. Remember to listen to Marlon Brando: Be patient. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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