Putin and the Gringoskis, First Principles


Putin and the Gringoskis, First Principles

The first principle of any serious discussion with Russia and Vladimir Putin is that in the final analysis the United States can annihilate Russia, and they cannot destroy us back, no matter how hard the American Left tries to emasculate us.

Vladimir Putin is well aware of this, so any neogotiation with the United States is to test the will of American leadership. Putin already knows Trump is firm while “Sidesaddle” Barack Obama (see my prior Hot Take) was feckless and easy to manipulate. Any handshake agreement that will come out of this Helsinki “summit”, regardless of the theatre, will reflect that basic first principle, understood by both parties.

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Unapologetic America
Unapologetic America
July 16, 2018 8:37 pm

The war will not come as a result of Russia/Putin, the war will come from within the USA itself. The Commies/Pinkos/Democrats and their Anarchist stormtroopers seek to tear our nation apart and rebuild it in their Leftist/Globalist image, despite all their efforts, despite the Fake Newsers/Liberal Media acting as their trumpeteers they will fail and fail miserably. Should they, the enemies of freedom, succeed in stirring nationwide unrest and we find our streets awash in blood take comfort in the fact it will be ‘the Left’s” vital fluids that drain into the storm drains and sewers. Start making lists of… Read more »