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About Those Accusations Against Jim Jordan

It is hard to believe that the timing is a coincidence. Jim Jordan, a noted conservative whose name is now seriously talked about in regards to replacing Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, has suddenly come under attack, a torrential rain of media heat, because during his 20’s when he was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University, there are now rumors of sexual abuse committed by a team official. Their claim is “he had to have known”, as an assistant coach, that there was sexual abuse going on at the hands of the team doctor (who has since committed suicide).

Nobody can know that. Think about it. This is not a hulking brute Jerry Sandusky dragging young boys around like rag dolls and often being alone with them. This is not an all-girls gymnastics team where the doctor is a man and as part of his job is alone with them and touching them. These are college wrestlers, elite athletes who are *particularly* elite at not getting grabbed at and molested without their consent. They are, by definition, bad-asses, and by definition, very much in control of what happens to them physically.

I wasn’t there so I can’t say, but as a veteran of high-school sports with group showers and lots of nakedness in the locker room. I can tell you that there is a certain, not-low-at-all amount of grab-ass, physical horseplay that probably was borderline criminality by today’s hyper-triggered standards. I have to imagine that in elite college sports, especially a very, very physical-contact sport like wrestling, that the shower and locker room grab-ass I saw in high-school was *nothing* compared to that.

It is quite easy to envision that if there was some actual over-the-line stuff by one of the team-officials, it was very easy for one of the other assistants NOT to know about it and be alarmed to the point of raising some kind of issue. Was this guy huge and skilled and scary and intimidating so they couldn’t fight back or defend themselves? Really?

And I’m sorry, but “had to have known” does appear to be a game that is played ONLY against Republicans. Seriously, Hillary “had to have known” sheand her asociates were committing and abetting multiple national-security felonies. Fast & Furious was run out of the DOJ’s executive floor, and Holder “had to have known”. I could go on awhile, but you get what I mean.

It’s clear that the media intends to scandalize Jordan over this, and to do so for purely partisan ends. If they actually cared about rumored sexual abuse, they would have been BFF’s with Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrick now, wouldn’t they?

And if Bill Clinton got to keep his job, so does Jim Jordan.

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I see the weak Paul Ryan says he will await the colleges investigation, what a punk, we all know this is an attack and there is no there, there.