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When Laura Bush Read Her Lines for the Washington Post

When Laura Bush read her lines for the Washington Post, it broke my heart.

Well almost.

You see, the Washington Post did everything in its power to destroy her husband, but apparently he’s asked for their forgiveness.

I can understand GW speaking his lines for the global team, Or even Jeb.

But the Keeper of the Family Bible?

To condemn a sitting president for obeying and enforcing the law? To condemn a president for doing the same thing her husband and his successor did for sixteen years, separating children from their accompanying adults without comment?

That she would break faith with millions of Americans who believed her faith in America was unshakeable… heartbreaking.

So sad.



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Martian Observer

May g-d, the son & the holy spirit have mercy on her soul. She either sold it a long time ago or is now whoring for GW.. Very sad!


I always rated her up there with Nancy Reagan. She never said much as First Lady but yes, sad to see this come out now. I was impressed soon after Obama was elected and was ignoring our troops she and GW met many of them at the Dallas airport coming home from overseas.

Maybe she should put on some coveralls and join her husband clearing brush at their ranch.