We’ve all heard this many times before, it’s one of the few promises Obama kept as president.But this post is not about facts and figures and analyses, it’s about the gleeful and celebratory nature of environmental activists who are completely off the charts with their demands that the use of fossil fuels end.

First Energy Solutions, whose parent company is First Energy, filed for bankruptcy earlier this month. Both their coal and nuclear division. First Energy gets a lot of their coal from Murray Energy in southern Ohio, and is the company that has supplied electricity to my home and a good portion of Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Michigan. And just like this, sometimes it comes down to us to fend for ourselves in matters of energy conservation. An effective method is to compare gas and electricity and decide where you are losing the extra bucks. My dad worked for Toledo Edison, one of their subsidiaries for 38 years before retiring in the mid 1980’s. I had a chance to tour their first nuclear plant in the early 1970’s before it went on line, and it’s something I will never forget. This nuke plant is now set to close by 2020, along with two others.

Sierra Club is ecstatic of course. That dirty, dirty coal. They even declare incorrectly nuclear energy is a dirty fuel, when it’s the cleanest fuel around. They will tell you the steam coming out of the cooling tower is pollution, when it’s really water vapor. Below is a salient quote from Neil Waggoner of Sierra Club Ohio:

Today’s announcement comes as no surprise to anyone that has been following FirstEnergy Solutions’ years of bad business decisions. At a time where the market, and public opinion, consistently pointed towards investing in new clean energy alternatives, FES instead spent billions on old, dirty, antiquated plants [emphasis mine]. FES’s decision to spend on coal destroyed its business and is a cautionary tale for companies and regulators considering delaying the inevitable transition from coal.
So now we turn to the future to see how this plays out. If the lights go out here and you don’t hear from me any more, you’ll know what transpired.
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