My Strict Rule for Reparations


My Strict Rule for Reparations

As demanded by a Missouri state senator:

If this Missouri legislator can find in her jurisdiction, the state of Missouri, a state in which slavery was legal in 1860, any citizens whose families who lived there in 1860, then send them a bill.

But if the law does not exclude any citizen whose families were of non-slave states, or worse, are grandchildren of the 364,000 white men who surrendered their lives ending slavery, expect a countersuit claiming treble damages against the black people who are now free because of their sacrifice….for the sin of ingratitude.

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Citizen With Bark On

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Allen Ness
Allen Ness
April 18, 2018 9:17 pm

Reparations are the carrot dangling in front of the nose of the democrat base. The truly worthless members of society who want only to be provided a good living without effort. Christian teaching says “those who do not work, do not eat” but these scumbags have found their feeders in the leftists. When was the last time anyone demanded someone be a “contributing member of society” before they drew taxpayer funded benefits?