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Comparing Corporate Corruption to Fascism

Law: It’s natural for business to try and influence government. And when they try to buy favors and bribe members of government; That’s called “Corruption”.

But when Government induces and bribes Business to join in its plans, then you have “Fascism”.

Example, when Facebook promised its user it would never sell their personal data in 2009, that was a contract. Then when Obama’s government asked Facebook to give (sell) that information to them, fascism occurred, not breach of contract.

So, the difference between Corruption and Fascism is in defining who the moving party is.

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The Electronic Communications Privacy Act lists four types of information the bureau is allowed to obtain, including the name of the owner of an account, how long that person has owned it, the person’s address, and toll billing records.

The rest is for sale to 3rd party cookies
Publishers Clearinghouse,
Google, gmail
Comcast cable

Crap we’re screwed,