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Socialism is the oldest system in the book. Everything belongs to the big tough guy in the tribe. Nothing belongs to anyone else. Everyone lives at the sufferance of the tough guy. When hunters catch prey they give it to the tough guy, and the tough guy takes what he wants, gives some to his cronies, and redistributes the rest to the tribe. Yes, everything belongs to the tribe. But the tough guy is the person who decides every question for the tribe and manages the redistribution for his own benefit.

That’s the world’s oldest system. It’s the system of every bandit chief, tribal council, baron, count, duke, king, and emperor, of every god-king, consul, doge, first citizen, dictator, prince, prelate, shogun, khan, satrap, suzerain, shah, jefe maximum, and first secretary of the central committee who ever existed. It was disrupted when the US was instituted under the understanding that every individual person had a right to own property and to be secure in that ownership. Other nations had attempted similar foundations, unenlightened by Adam Smith’s insights into the invisible hand of the free market, but the US was the first nation that wrote those fundamentals into black letter law and made them its Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Every reaction against freedom, against individual rights (the so-called negative rights), against security in property, is all the old way of doing things trying to reassert itself against the universal appeal of individual freedom and responsibility.

It’s no coincidence that Communism was invented in England by over-educated wealthy men who couldn’t stand the English and American idea that individuals could freely own property without bending their knee to aristocrats, as they believed themselves to be. So they wrote a theory that disguised their aristocratic impulse as a beneficial spirit. Schemers came along later and spotted a good con game to use to rise to political power, and some became well-known as Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Mao, Kim, Castro, and Pol Pot.

Socialism is just a con game that leads to mass murder and theft as it strips away all individual freedoms and recreates a prehistoric system of eternal, tribe-vs-tribe warfare.

Some paradise!

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