Here’s my unpopular opinion: I think drug prohibitions are stupid. That goes for all of them. Illegal drugs create black markets, enrich criminals, create super-criminals and super-gangs, lead to contempt of other laws, spark gang wars, rapes and murders, tempt drugs buyers who are already on the wrong side of the law to steal to fund their illegal habit, lure or blackmail victims into prostitution and sex slavery, and fill the rape-cage prisons with multitudes of inmates imprisoned directly because of their ties with the black market in illegal drugs. Some people will always self-medicate with whatever they can get. That’s your basic drug addict. They don’t get better by making the drugs illegal, they just get themselves in more and more dangerous situations. Drugs should be legal: Even meth; Even heroin; Even prescription drugs; Even steroids. Let people make their own decisions and take the wind out of the sails of murderous gangsters.

As for questions of what to do with driving high… what do we do with driving drunk? Punish it.

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