Trump’s EPA to crack down on grants to its own advisers


It’s about time and I had hoped this day would be coming.

For years we have had the EPA using the junk science from its own advisers and advisory board to steer its policy. The biggest area of its policy has been anthropogenic global warming. The biggest reason for this is that many of the advisers have gotten grants from their own employer or board. Sound like a conflict of interest? Of course it is.

So what essentially has been happening is the EPA has been paying the EPA to create the global warming hoax. But this is about to come to an end. Trump’s new “slash and burn” EPA Chief, the former Attorney General of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt, told the Daily Signal in a speech last week his intention to severely restrict the number of grants it gives its own advisers.

This new policy could rule out grants in the tens of millions of dollars:

If we have individuals that are on those [scientific advisory] boards that are receiving money from the agency, sometimes going back years and years to the tune of literally tens of millions of dollars over time, that to me causes questions on the independence and the veracity of the transparency of the recommendations that are coming our way.

At the Heritage event, Pruitt stated he intends to target the Science Advisory Board, the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee and the Board of Scientific Counselors.

The agency has published a list of Scientific Advisory Board candidates it will pull from when the terms of 15 of the members soon come to an end. Some on the list have stated their disbelief of anthropogenic “climate change” or what the environmentalists refer to as “man made global warming.”

Steve Malloy, the publisher of Junk Science had this to say:

For too long, EPA has been able to purchase the ‘science’ it wants from grants-hungry researchers and their universities,” Milloy said, adding:

The EPA would then employ these same scientists to review their own work under the guise of peer review. This system is entirely corrupt if not illegal, as the applicable laws require the boards to be independent and unbiased. Congress has tried to fix this problem, but has been unable. It’s terrific that Scott Pruitt has recognized the seriousness of this problem and is now taking steps to fix it.

Contrary to the howling of the left, this is not a purge of any viewpoints. This is a first step in restoring the purpose of the science review boards—to provide EPA with the various views of experts vs. the rubber-stamping of the agency agenda by cronies. There are many more steps that need to be taken to right the science advisory panel ship at EPA, but this is an important first one.

The Obama EPA cited its own work over 700 times.

Pruitt also intends to crack down on the EPA’s long term history of “sue and settle.” Basically what has happened is environmental groups would file a lawsuit against the EPA and then “settle” in exchange for a new EPA policy or regulation that fit one of their goals. Regulatory extortion at its finest.

Pruitt has been one of those cabinet members to come under fire for taking private jets to meetings, especially by CNN. I can’t recall in all the times I’ve been to DC, seeing one of Obama’s cabinet members on one of my flights, and trust me, I knew who they were.

Pruitt as predicted and expected, has a bulls eye on his back because of all the changes he has already made to Obama’s lawless EPA. Even more reason for him to fly privately than strategic scheduling is his personal safety.

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October 24, 2017 9:36 pm

Boom! You’re doing the Lord’s work, Scott. Thank you, LIO – you are, too!

October 25, 2017 4:14 am

They’re howling already. Media prints headlines: “EPA cutbacks hurting their ability to ‘fund their research’.” No more funneling money to Leftists making up junk science to keep their greenies employed.