Once Again, GOP Establishment Faces Off Against Anti-Establishment Voters


Some reflections drawn from this article, via Weasel Zippers, one of the few “conservative” sites who managed not to melt down during the 2016 campaign because of Donald Trump, and accepted the idea that a Donald Trump presidency was/is a good thing.

Essentially, this sounds like a continuation of all the election cycles since 2010, when the Tea Party folks first blindsided the establishment. After 2010, the Establishment GOP got “wise” to our efforts, and it’s been downhill ever since, or uphill, depending on which way one wants to look at this. Except for the bright spot of Dave Brat taking out heir to the Speakership throne, Eric Cantor, we’ve had to go around the party vs work with them.

Unfortunately, 2014, was also the year that the Republican Establishment made sure shenanigans occurred in the primary runoff in Mississippi, of incumbent, Sen. Thad Cochran squaring off against Tea Party supported, State Sen. Chris McDaniel. The State GOP power apparatus worked hard to make sure Cochran didn’t lose the primary runoff – they encouraged Democrats who had already voted in their own Democrat primary to vote in the Republican runoff. Illegal, but these folks were ripe to encourage voting as primary voters are considered “active” vs the apathetic voters who might show up during the General Election.

Let’s not forget to add to that nasty rip off by the GOP-E, their perfidy in Virginia, 2013, (we hold off year elections for state offices) where we’re well aware of just how close conservative Ken Cuccinelli came to winning. The powerful state party apparatus did everything to undermine Cuccinelli’s campaign and making sure they only gave lip service for his support when pressed. The Chamber of Commerce endorsed:

and not yet, but should have been indicted at least some time in his known association with that woman – though it’s clear the laws are for the little people, peons, and only if you are of the correct political persuasion.

No mistake though, Eric Cantor’s defeat was very sweet. The Republican Party spent 5 million dollars on his behalf, while Mr. Brat (who is now VA-07’s Representative in Congress) spent $115,000, and likely needed a new pair of shoes. Nothing like a little shoe leather, boots on the ground to really win the battle.

In the interim years, since Barack Obama’s election, the Republican Party has spent almost all of their time and money trying to take out the conservatives in the party instead of standing up to the overreach of Barack Obama, and the Democrats. Now they are actively engaged in obstructing President Trump’s #MAGA agenda, and trying to take down the man himself. Such unity; Democrats, RINOS and #NeverTrumpers joined at the hip.

Bill Kristol is still having a nervous breakdown over the presence of President Trump in the White House.

Against all of these scoundrels: Tom Donohue, RINO incumbents, NeverTrumpers, and the superhold of the state GOP political machines, here are a few thoughts about what I think is happening and should happen:

1) Trump supporters aren’t interested in the GOP, as the brand is now well-known to be a corrupt, lying to the people political entity, and the party outed as the one of false campaign promises.

2) They are a different group of people from many of the so-called conservatives in the party, and their attraction to the larger population is much greater than any incentive to be a Republican.

Steve Bannon, et al – I believe are looking to work on using the momentum of the Trump supporters to gather other Trump supporters. That’s the direction of a new Republican Party. It isn’t going to happen if we’re trying to preserve the old one.

3) The Trump presidency has been the best effort in my lifetime, especially since so much decay has happened over the past 30 years, of moving the country back to conservative, traditional values. Those goals are my goals.

For most people, the anger isn’t going away, and they’d just as soon as see the GOP go down in flames than keep it on life support.

The taint and stench of McConnell and the Republican Establishment in DC is a ball and chain around the neck of any candidate they support – especially around the neck of incumbents who are up for reelection in 2018. To wit: Judge Moore beating Luther Strange in Alabama. The funny thing about us Trump voters, many are no longer the old reliable Republican voters of old. And just because President Trump gave his support to interim Senator Luther Strange, the base didn’t go for him – they, along with the new found allies of Trump voters (not of the GOP) defeated the president’s choice. What defeated Strange? Well, besides the issues unique to Alabama, the greater sin was his association with Mitch McConnell. Guilt by association…

Too bad we didn’t have Trump voters at the time McConnell and GOP-E machinations kept Thad Cochran in and Chris McDaniel out. BTW, McConnell and GOP-E had convinced Cochran to run again – he had been considering retirement. They desperately wanted to keep fresh blood out of the Senate.

Going forward this is going to be the challenge. Fighting not just the Democrats but our own political party. Something we discovered in 2010, reinforced by their constant betrayal once we gained Republican wins.

The false conservative elitists may fight against the likes of Bannon, but they’re going to have a problem – the Trump voters.

Message to Mitch McConnell, this isn’t your political party anymore. Currently it belongs to President Trump, and his voters, who truly are much more the “Big Tent” you never really wanted in the first place.

picture credit: JobSeekersptc.org

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October 22, 2017 3:28 pm

Just saw Mitch McConnell on Fox News Sunday, even now after we delivered Donald Trump to the Presidency in 2016, the man could care less what we feel. Lead globalists in the U.S. Senate, McConnell underestimates the intelligence of every one of us. Steve Bannon, et al – I believe are looking to work on using the momentum of the Trump supporters to gather other Trump supporters. That’s the direction of a new Republican Party. It isn’t going to happen if we’re trying to preserve the old one. McConnell and his disgusting band of NeverTrumpers aren’t getting it. Better yet,… Read more »

October 22, 2017 3:40 pm

Dittos. The obstacles going forward, besides K Street and Wall Street, will be those entrenched bureaucracies that, for example, went to work to stifle the Tea Party groups after 2010, like the IRS activists.

October 22, 2017 3:50 pm

This is what National Journal had to say about Steve Bannon. Of course, they identified him as Trump’s former campaign manager when he was not Trump’s campaign manager, so granis solis. I commented.

Jaded ByPolitics
Jaded ByPolitics
October 22, 2017 5:23 pm

I saw a lily white POS on the tv at the gym on MSNBC who is taking on Brat…….guess the Dems will stay stupid and the GOP will keep funding stupid since she agrees with 48 Dems who want to bailout insurance companies. Lets continue this war, our battles are wearing them down.

vassar bushmills
October 23, 2017 6:09 am

I have no doubt, however this fight ends up, we’re on the right side Penguin. If God had any hand whatsoever in the creation of America, I am sure He favors the object of that creation, the people, remain in charge.

October 23, 2017 4:42 pm

I believe Trump had some sort of strategy up his sleeve re: Strange v. Moore to really get Moore elected. What may take some time to find out is, will he have any use for Elaine Chao as far as her hubbie? I had always thought and hoped he wanted her in his cabinet as a foil against McConnell. So far that hasn’t happened but that doesn’t mean it won’t.