Hollywood: Kiss & Don’t Tell, Re: Harvey Weinstein


Social media is atwitter with the rise and fall of Hollywood Mogul, Harvey Weinstein. Hollywood stories of decadence and debauchery have been around since the silent movie era. And before that just being in the “theater” was considered immoral and low class. So it’s no surprise to hear about the latest escapade(s) out of Hollywood.

The fact that it is Harvey Weinstein, a powerful figure in those decadent Hollywood Hills, isn’t a surprise either. Regular folks have long known and believed that the stench of Hollywood was consuming the entire nation – culturally, socially and morally. We weren’t wrong.

Hollywood has long been its own royal kingdom, holding court, and communing intimately with the royal court of Washington, DC. Politics and Hollywood entwined and well-connected.

No need to go into the long list of names who supported Harvey Weinstein and all the other characters just like him out there. There are males and females who gave speeches telling us about the wonderfulness of Harvey Weinstein. Pictures of the elitist party attendees are all over the internet. These include actors, actresses, and politicians. Non-politicians also attended his parties, or events where he was present. It’s the circle the rich and famous belong to. So paths would cross East Coast to West Coast with stops in DC along the way.

Bringing attention to Harvey Weinstein’s story isn’t the most important point to be made. As sordid as his personal behavior is, the worst part of this story are the friends and acquaintances who knew he was a sexual predator and never said a word.

There isn’t any way that they couldn’t have known. They were proud to go to his parties, and proud to be in his movie productions. The lifestyle of the rich and famous in Hollywood is decadence and perversion. While these facts may never be fully disclosed, though many are speaking up now, and saying, “it happened to me too” – they’re all guilty of enabling Weinstein, and the code of silence – partly to keep their own careers going, but we must also ask the question was it because some (many?) participated in similar activities?

They’re denouncing him now, sort of, because they’re afraid of being dragged down with him. Each time we see them on social media we should ask them how they got their movie roles? Why were they such good friends with Weinstein?

All these Hollywood elites, like Meryl Streep, who pretend that they didn’t know – are the most foul of them all. Everyone in Hollywood knows the dirty little secrets of everyone else. It’s how they get by. Girlfriends whisper to each other even if they weren’t personally involved. Men gossip too. Then there are the people who participated in the decadent parties and debauchery. Otherwise why were they there?

I would like to ask Gwyneth Paltrow if she wants to return that Oscar statue? After all, there’s a taint to it – she got it because of Harry Weinstein, who produced it. Oscars are political these days, the powerful have undue influence.

As an aside; Harvey Weinstein has been reported as going to Europe for sex addiction therapy and rehab. It’s a well-known fact that sexual perversion has a poor cure rate. Predators are always predators… BTW, Mr. Weinstein, what was wrong with rehab clinics in America? Fairly certain Obamacare covers some program, somewhere.

Weinstein’s behavior was no secret – as evidenced by all these so-called stars coming forward now – but their silence about his behavior condemns them and makes them complicit. The stench of Harvey Weinstein falls equally on their shoulders, as it should. The rot of Hollywood, and the slime exuding from them has been taking over our culture for decades. It’s been like a cancer, metastasizing into every societal institution we have.

Remember how the Obamas “entrusted” their daughter, Malia with Harvey Weinstein? Oh, how about best buddies Hillary and Bill Clinton being tight with Mr. Weinstein. Birds of a feather…

Leftists and their false virtue signalling is more than hypocrisy – it’s blatant lying. It’s my fervent hope that Harvey Weintein’s downfall becomes an avalanche – and may many others be exposed for the snakes they are.

I’m looking forward to seeing Hollywood hit rock bottom; they can join the NFL and find out they’re legends in their own minds, not ours.

Picture credit: Nowtheendbegins.com

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Lady Penguin
Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)

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Allen Ness
Allen Ness
October 11, 2017 9:13 pm

Well said Lady P! Swamp creatures one and all from DC to Hollywood, New York and LA. Let them eat cake.

Larry Eastbay
October 12, 2017 12:01 am

Such a surprise….NOT!
The Hollywood “casting couch” is a well known cliche.

vassar bushmills
October 12, 2017 12:23 pm

Mark Steyn agrees, LadyP. Says the Left has been accusing us of all their darkest sins they want to keep covered. Not sure why they did this, but it can’t compensate for the hit Hollywood especially has taken. May have to dig Fatty Arbuckle up and retry him.

Yvonne Lovell
Yvonne Lovell
October 25, 2017 7:42 pm

I don’t know why, but this Purge is a total set up. They are throwing some dead wood under the bus, but that dead wood isn’t their main objective. Just a feeling I have had since the first peep. And now seeing more abuser’s names being exposed makes me even more curious to see what they have in store for the right.
I could be wrong, maybe they are just getting rid of some tools previously known as useful. What better way to demonstrate that no one is irreplaceable.