If You Want A Litmus Test Question For Republican House And Senate Primary Candidates, Here It Is


Please Ask Them The Question, If You Can, On Digital Video, In Front Of Others, And Get The Promise  In Writing, Too 

A couple of days ago a good friend from Ohio asked me which candidate he should support in the 2018 Republican Party primary election in Arizona, where I live, to take out #NeverTrump incumbent Sen. Jeff Flake.  I told him I had not yet made up my mind, as there might be others who will get into the race.  Currently, the front-runner is former Arizona state senator Dr. Kelli Ward, who ran against Sen. John McCain in the 2016 primary election.

My friend, Ohio precinct committeeman Rick Herron, who really, really “gets” what matters in political party politics, told me to ask this question of all of the Sen. Flake challengers, including, as set forth below, Dr. Kelli Ward:

The only question worth asking her [Dr. Kelli Ward] or any candidate for the Senate is:  “Will you vote For or Against the Freedom Caucus candidate for Majority Leader?”

No other vote means a hill of beans.   If she votes for Mitch McConnell, she IS Mitch McConnell.

Our candidates must be made aware that as far as we are concerned their first vote is their only vote.

It doesn’t really matter what they personally think about issues.   It only matters what the Majority Leader thinks about the issues.

Let’s not be fooled again.

The same question needs to be asked of every “conservative” running against an incumbent #CampaignConservative Republican:  Will you vote for or against the Freedom Caucus candidate for Speaker of the House?”

And when you do this, make sure you get them on video.    Here’s why.  (You can scroll to the 3:15 mark of the video.)

And why does Rick advocate this?  Because . . . it is fundamental.  When you vote for your Republican Senate candidate, and your Republican House member, you are, essentially, voting to elect an elector of the most important person in those respective chambers.

Think about it.  Then think about it some more.

Only two people in the Senate and the House matter, as they control which bills get voted upon.  Who are those two people?  We are seeing it play out now regarding what President Trump wants to have voted upon.  Only Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and President of the Senate Mitch McConnell can cause bills to be voted upon.  Only those two.  They are the obstructionists.

Want to change what happens in the Senate and House to help President Trump?  Then, get involved to elect ONLY those House and Senate members who will refuse to vote to reelect these two #Campaign Conservatives, or any other #CampaignConservative, to their leadership positions after the 2018 elections (assuming Ryan wins his primary and general election; McConnell is safe; as a senator, he is not up for reelection until 2020).  Electing the person in charge of their chamber is the first vote the new representatives and senators take, and if a #CampaignConservative gets elected, then President Trump will get nothing done.  On the flip side, if we conservatives get involved in Party politics as never before to elect the best conservative candidates in the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary elections, and then do it again in the general for those conservative Republican primary winners.  It does not take a lot of time.  Can you sacrifice a whole three hours at the time of the primary and then again at the time of the general?

You can.  If you really want to help President Trump.

They made the time on D-Day.  At Iwo Jima.  Etc.  Honor them.

To make this happen in Ohio, this is what my friend Rick is doing, and it is what conservative President Trump supporters, who helped get out the vote for President Trump in the 2016 primary elections and general election, ought to be doing where they live, too:

On another note:   We here in Ohio are recruiting Trump supporters to run for County and State Central Committee.    They catch on fast.   We first contacted and recruited the Trump Campaign County Coordinator then through him, invited to a series of meeting all of the volunteers throughout the county.  I’ll be going to another one of these in just a few minutes.   Tomorrow is Sep and we are already ready for the Primary in the spring.

“They catch on fast.”  I hope you will to.  I hope and pray all of the conservatives who spend so much time on the internet will consider diverting a few hours every month to real political action where they live, as I have outlined in prior articles.

Want to help make that happen?   I will help you.  Please contact me.

Some already have.


Dan Schultz

Daniel J. Schultz graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1978 and served as an Army Human Intelligence Officer.  He is an attorney and these views are his own and no reflection of his current employer. He has been a Republican Party precinct committeeman since 2007 and was a co-winner of the Conservative HQ Liberty Prize based on his e-book Taking Back Your Government:  The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy.  State-specific and other information relating to The Neighborhood Precinct Committeeman Strategy can be found at https://precinctproject.us and https://theprecinctproject.wordpress.comMr. Schultz can be reached at acoldwarrior@gmail.com.

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Cold Warrior
Just a citizen who believes each conservative American's top priority should be active engagement as a precinct committeeman in the political Party our Founders and Framers would be members of if they were alive now: The Republican Party. I am an American first, a conservative second and a Republican precinct committeeman by necessity to secure the Blessings of Liberty to myself and my posterity.

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September 3, 2017 6:23 pm

Rick’s a great guy. I know him from the Ohio TPs

Jaded ByPolitics
Jaded ByPolitics
September 3, 2017 7:15 pm

Time to reign some pain down on some big fish, Flake and Ryan would be two that would make a large boom in the room of 2018. We can’t get the all but we can send a message.