Yesterday’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia, brings to the fore, the conflict facing America. A racist narrative and concept of polarization, seeded by the Left over the past several decades, culminating in Barack Obama’s presidency, has now reached the point where anyone who seeks the right to have an alternative viewpoint will be met with premeditated violence.

Decades ago, I learned about the far left and the far right ultimately meeting. It’s circular and simple to understand. The more extreme the ideology, the more violent the methods and tactics. For both sides. Personally, I think the “right” as we know it and participate in it – traditional American values – are not wont to violence. OTOH, we do know the Left is. I can’t even name a “moderate” leftist. The Democrat Party has been entirely pulled into this radical vortex. Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Sanders spout hate every day. The SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, names conservative groups as hate groups – including pro-life groups.

The true hate and push for violence is coming from the Left. The malignant media fuels it. Once Barack Obama was elected and brought the “power” of a racist meme and agenda to “get whitey” loose on the people, we could see these events coming. This is exactly what the Trayvon Martin story was about, Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore’s racial riots, Eric Garner’s death in NYC…all of these were preludes to setting the stage for a chasm in the culture which could not be breached. It’s the only card the Democrat Party has left to play. In the meantime, note that nothing was done about the IRS suppressing conservative groups. Nothing was done about Occupy Wall Street. Nothing was done about the violence of the Antifa, and certainly nothing is being done about Black Lives Matter – even as they burn down our cities. These false narratives are used by the media to lie to the public regarding the presence of racism in this country.

Now we’re seeing the meme pushed regarding one’s whiteness being a crime. Colleges and universities are offering classes (going to be required) about checking that “white privilege.” And may the Good Lord help you if you happen to be a supporter of President Trump. The racist label is stamped on your forehead. Strange, were we racists when voting for John McCain in 2008 or Mitt Romney in 2012?

The entire news cycle yesterday (and will be today’s Sunday shows talking points) was spent telling us how these #UniteRight people were all Trump supporters in Charlottesville. Of course, we know that isn’t true, but as long as the media says its true, it makes it so. Let’s state the facts of what went down in Charlottesville. UniteRight, a group exercising their 1st Amendment rights, had a permit to protest the removal of Confederate Civil War monuments. This was well-known in advance. We also know Antifa (anarchist group) and BLM – Black Lives Matter, were aware of this planned protest. The word (call) went out for them to come to town and protest the protesters.

This college dominated town is filled with liberals. The Mayor is a Lefty Democrat, Lefties run these places. The Mayor gave the stand down order to the police. Governor Terry McAuliffe knew Antifa and BLM were going to be there, though they did not have a permit to assemble in protest. The scene is set. The police were behind and alongside the UniteRight group, but they were exposed at the front. Exposed to what? Exposed to the Antifa and BLM activists who always bring violence. Considering the positioning of the police, it was clear that the UniteRight group was going to be exposed to the violent protestors. They LET Antifa come in contact with the people protesting. Nothing like setting off a powder keg…

Keep in mind – Governor McAuliffe is Hillary’s bagman – (he’s the guy who gave FBI Deputy Director McCabe’s sister half-a-million dollars for a failed campaign here in Virginia).

I watched the police stand down in DC on the night of the Deplorable Ball. We’re dressed up, I’m in a gown and heels, and masked Antifa/BLM protestors are screaming in our faces. Spitting. The police let them be front and center outside the entrance door. This created the situation of the police literally hustling us through a narrow path to get inside safely – but why were they even allowed to get that close? DC police stand down, Berkeley police stand down, and Charlottesville police stand down. This behavior is ordered by higher ups.

The word had been out for awhile regarding the march to protest removal of Confederate monuments. While I’m a Northerner by birth, seeing the Leftists being ALLOWED to erase Southern history is an insult. And wrong. Attempts to force renaming of some great and GOOD men who fought in the War Between the States is going on all over the country. This suits the Leftist narrative to paint the Civil War as all about slavery – the racial component, when in fact, economics of the North drove them to war. The North needed the South. Period.

None of our side condone violence, but this is what the Left wants. We can’t win no matter what…I’m still waiting for the DOJ to throw the Leftists in jail for their violence towards us.

The Left isn’t going to go away. Not with them being free to be violent towards decent American people whose only crime is being a supporter of President Trump. Didn’t hear much about G. Brooks Jennings who was killed by his Leftist neighbor all because he supported Trump. It’s why we can’t tell people who we voted for, or leave stickers on our cars. In hushed tones we carefully have conversation…only feeling free to speak once we know we’re with like-minded Americans.

But just as they push transgenders into our children’s bathrooms, they’ll keep pushing Leftist violence. Today’s events didn’t surprise me at all. Recent violence against conservatives and Trump supporters in Berkeley, California should have forewarned everyone that the haters would be out there to do violence to anyone who isn’t like them. We are to be shut down. Berkeley showed how it’s done. Nothing new in this. The Left believes their political and cultural way of life is the only doctrine allowed. Only their speech spoken. Fascism at work.

Consider the brilliant Google engineer, James Damore, who lost his job because he refused to participate in group think at Google. Political correctness shutting down free speech (although of course, Google had the right to fire the employee) – well, maybe not, they’ll find out in court – but it’s how you groom the culture and society at large to move to thought control and behavior which is acceptable to the STATE. Canada has been doing it for years.

This is the real face of Fascism. Call it what it is. They take over whole cities while we’re cowering in our homes. None of this will change until we start seeing the LAW enforced against the Left, including Hillary Clinton, Lois Lerner, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, et al. It all stems from the same rot. As long as they can suppress conservatives on campus, public forums, even at Donald Trump rallies, they’re succeeding and we’re failing.

Make no mistake, Democrats enable this. The malignant media looks for chaos and desperately hopes that it’s a person from the “right” who attacks first. Never Trumpers have allied themselves with the Democrats. Such is their zealous hate for President Trump. They’ll lie no matter what the truth is. What happened in Charlottesville is just another example of what President Trump supporters face every day. The Left has a motive and a plan. It’s all about building a narrative. The media is completely complicit in this. Gleeful.

We’ve paid a price for fighting the Left. We’ve paid a price for voting for President Trump. As long as we let the real Fascists get away with breaking the laws, and this includes the rotted media, we’ll never get this country back.

The same purpose exists whether it’s with #UniteRight organized to protest on behalf of a cause, or people going to a Donald Trump rally. If the Antifa/BLM could get at us or know who voted for Trump…they would do violence.

The irony is that they don’t see that the fire they lit will eventually consume them as well as others.

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Lady Penguin
Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)