It’s always fun to engage leftists about their impossible dreams


Last week I spent three days on Bainbridge Island. A beautiful, mostly high-end tranquil progressive utopia off the coast of Seattle. Only accessible by ferry or to northern Washington on the north end by a short bridge.

Sauntering down a quaint little town there full of boutiques and places to eat and drink, I spotted a gentleman in his late twenties with long hair and a cap. And a tablet, stopping people to engage in conversation I was sure about some progressive cause he was involved with. So rubbing my hands together, I walked over and began speaking with him. As suspected he was a volunteer with Environment Washington. org and was out to change the world in a matter of a few years. Horrific global warming was one of his issues, as well as maleficent coal and oil and gas.

He began on a rant about President Trump slashing the EPA which he claimed would cause massive pollution in Puget Sound and everyone was going to die from poisoned water. I haven’t heard of anyone dying from poisoned water yet, even in Flint Michigan but there is no way you can convince these people otherwise. He also told me about a bill some progressive Congress critters have introduced which would force the U.S. to be “fossil fuel free” (try saying that fast 10 times) by 2050. Of course an impossibility, especially to those who stand in front of you wearing sneakers and holding a tablet make from that evil oil.

I also asked him if he was aware of the millions of birds, especially our eagles, who have been killed by wind and solar and he stated he was unaware of any.

He was a nice gentlemen. We agreed to part company amicably and agreed to disagree. So when I got home I looked further into their organization.

Here is a tweet they put out on August 5:

Hmmm. Five million homes. So I looked up to see approximately how many homes there are in America. Here we go. From Statista. Click to enlarge.

About 126 million households. I’m not sure how long it’s taken to reach 5 million, but at this rate it won’t be in our lifetime.


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August 6, 2017 4:10 pm

Don’t know how you stood that conversation, Lady. Those people are crazy…never heard of the death of our raptors and other birdies from wind farms and solar? He’s living in an alternate universe.