From My CP: Statues, Leadership and The Choices I’ve Made


The dogs and I just finished trooping the line.  Every day when I return from work its time to troop the line.  The dogs are dying to smell every track and trail left by the creatures who have trespassed our boundaries.  Saga Horribilus, a Panda Bear Boxer tipping the scales at 7.2lbs of steely eyed killer caught a field mouse.  For ten minutes she was the wolf she’d descended from 50,000 years ago.  She hates squirrels with a passion, like every dog I’ve ever known, but if she ever catches one it’s gonna be ugly, the Red Squirrels here are just as big as she is.  We’re all secure here at home, we’ve still got to check the garden, there have been rabbit issues there.  If they eat my cabbages again there’s gonna be a massacre in retaliation.  Bunny babies, mothers and fathers will die by gun, fire and explosion, ten for every cabbage plant they molest.  I fight total war even against rodents.

Have you noticed the popularity of removing Confederate Heroes statues lately?  I understand that statues aren’t permanent, public art supports the public’s current values, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.  Maybe my problem with the movement isn’t that they’ve found someone more deserving to be honored in the public square, it’s that it’s suddenly decided these individuals are no longer deserving of public recognition and emulation.  Because slavery!  That’s as big a load of bullshit as I’ve ever heard.

Let me introduce tonight’s music, the choice will become apparent.  This weekend I will be in Lincoln, Nebraska singing along with Whitey Morgan and the 78’s.  He’s the grandson of Kentucky hillbillies who moved to Detroit to work in the automobile factories, kinda like Johnny Cash’s “Psyco-billy Cadillac.”  He does some damn fine outlaw country which you’ve already figured out I have a particular fondness for.  Cody Jinks is from Texas, like most of my best loved musicians (dammit.)  They toured together last year and did a damn fine cover of George Jones’ “Choices.”  Check it out.

I’m a Soldier, I became a man as a Soldier and I have a Paratrooper’s heart.  They told us in Jumpmaster school, “The sky, even more so than the sea, is unforgiving of the slightest mistake.”  Every time I exited an aircraft while in flight I knew it may be my last but I was immortal then, that helped.  The statues of men suddenly found undeserving are men like General Robert E. Lee, LTG “Stonewall” T.S. Jackson, and LTG James Longstreet.  You may not have realized it but the sketch that accompanies each of my posts is my face and my beard but its General Longstreet’s horse and uniform taken from a photograph of a doomed statue.

The Confederacy politically fought to continue slavery, there’s no denying that.  In that they were wrong and I’m glad the Union ended slavery.  It would be nice if the Democrat party would demand their allies in the muslim world would give it up but, the democrats have issues.   Its also a damn shame that the destruction of the federalism began then as well.

These men are suddenly found unfit to serve as exemplars for today’s society and today’s public.  Bullshit.  The history of what American Soldiers have done in the defense of their liberty is absolutely paramount to the continuation of our unique individual liberty.  Of course social justice warriors don’t see it that way.  If they had their way white males would have separate drinking fountains and have to spat upon three times before boarding a bus.

After glorious service in the Mexican-American War (1846-1848) Robert E. Lee went on to put down the Seminole War, kick John Brown’s ass at Harper’s Ferry and be appointed the Commandant of The United States Military Academy at West Point.  Upon resigning from that post after the confederacy fired on Ft Sumter Lee wrote, “Mr. Blair, I look upon secession as anarchy. If I owned the four millions of slaves in the South I would sacrifice them all to the Union; but how can I draw my sword upon Virginia, my native state?”  States were more like nations then, who can blame him?  Slavery wasn’t his primary motivator, loyalty was.  How could loyalty be un-worthy of emulation?  

LTG JT Jackson began his career in the Mexican-American War as well.  While fighting down the causeway to Mexico City then Major Jackson saw one of his artillery pieces abandoned by its men.  He reloaded it and began pushing it down the causeway while under direct fire.  This act shamed one of his NCO’s into leaving the cover of the ditch beside the causeway to assist him.  Soon the rest of the crew was shamed as well.  Jackson was promoted to brevet LTC as a result and Mexico City was captured as a direct result.  During the Civil War Jackson commanded the actions in the Shenandoah Valley and led a superior force on a merry chase, making them look like fools at each turn.  His “Foot Cavalry” marched 16 miles around the Union flank at Chancellorsville, the fortunate soldiers wearing torn scraps of blankets on their feet while most were barefoot.  Following this exhausting forced march they attacked the Union flank and won another miraculous victory for their under-manned, under-supplied and doomed Army.

LTG Longstreet taught the world’s military about mobility by placing his Corps on trains and moving them from The Army of Northern Virginia to the Army of the Tennessee and then kicking union ass from the mountains around Chickamauga.  He is the reason the 19th Infantry Regiment, still active today, I known as the Rock of Chickamauga.  The 18th Regiment, also still active, turned and ran without telling their neighbors.  Under obviously better leadership the 19th held their position.

Generals Daniel Day, Jubal Early, Mosby, JEB Stuart and many more led their Soldiers against superior odds, against a better armed force, against a better resupplied force and won, every time for the first two years of the war.  That is every bit as miraculous as Leonidas at the Hot Gates.

I understand public monuments change to reflect the views of the public but I find it a damn shame that leaders of this caliber are no longer found worthy.  It’s the public that’s no longer worthy.  It must be comforting to blame all your problems and bad choices you’ve made.  Responsibility is anathema to the Left but if you choose not to work, rely on the generosity of the taxpayers then steal for your spending money is it really a surprise when you live or die by the choices you made?  That’s bad news.



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Retired Paratrooper, Biker, Tattoo Artist
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Retired Paratrooper, Biker, Tattoo Artist

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June 21, 2017 11:49 pm

The thing about American lefties is, they don’t think they oughtta have to die. Not that they will have eternal life because of any religion, but because they’re saints because they’re them. Great American figures, like those whose statues are being torn down, lived and died with the choices they’d made. Even if they were on the wrong side in the Great American Conflict, they had more honor in their little finger than the sum total of all those getting their jollies over statues being torn down. Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t even Rommel and other German generals… Read more »