Chris Matthews and his Democrat Party of Hate


Yesterday’s events left many of us shaken to the core, but I’m not going to say we’re surprised. There is no surprise to be found in what transpired in the shooting of Republican Congressmen playing baseball.

I’ll be writing future articles about the Democrats, society and the human condition. But tonight, via Weasel Zippers, I caught a statement by Chris Matthews of MSNBC. It was so egregious it should be addressed immediately. Matthews said on his “Hardball” show tonight:

“We don’t know what sadness was in Alexandria shooter’s life.

Mr. Matthews, we don’t care. We all have sadness and loss. We’ve all suffered in life. Millions suffered and have been suffering under Democrat RULE for decades in this country. Barack Obama worked diligently to kill the spirit of America, and almost succeeded. He did succeed in destroying decent health care at affordable prices for the majority of us.

Let me tell you about the source of the man’s angst, Chris Matthews. It’s you and your cohorts in the malignant media fomenting hate 24/7/365 days a year against conservatives, people of faith, Republicans, supporters of Donald Trump, and anyone else not in lockstep with your rabid ideology. (This behavior has been demonstrated against other GOP presidents, so it’s not just about Donald Trump, though you’ll all rush to blame him. He is just the current flavor of the month. Remember the 8 years of Bush bashing.)

The malignant media has been the vehicle and enforcer for all things Democrat for years. It also makes Chris Matthews and the rest of the alphabet #FAKENEWS suppliers complicit in the events that unfolded yesterday.

Hollywood, taxpayer funded colleges and universities, along with the media, encourage these people to find a repository for their misery and hate – in the Democrat Party. it’s their home, they’re welcomed there, not denounced. The Democrat Party of today feeds on hating anyone not in lockstep with their ideology. Just look at the denial by LGBT groups of Trump supporter LGBT groups to participate in the “Gay Pride Parades.” Or the way your party treats minorities who are conservatives – all of a sudden their “blackness” doesn’t count in the racial deck of cards, only the fact that they’re conservatives matters – and then you set out to destroy them.

Hate is what you/Democrats have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You spread it and pontificate on how bad America is, how awful our side of the aisle is. Democrats (they’re now calling themselves progressives) side with perpetrators of heinous crimes – making them appear the victim. You blame victims. Almost every one of the massacres and violent assaults has been perpetuated by a Leftist (or a radical Muslim) – who the media pretends really isn’t a terrorist.

The one year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre was a complete blackout by the media of who did the deed. It was a Muslim, say his name, “Omar Mateen” – he planned it with malice aforethought. Matthews and the media don’t even mention why he did it. He did it because there were homosexuals in that bar, and those people are murdered daily in the Middle-East by Islamists. It’s their religion. The Leftist/Democrat world has sided with Muslims to use their hate against Americans. In the Democrats’ case – they’re getting into bed with the radical Islamists – the enemy of their enemy is their friend. The irony: many of your true believers will be some of the first people killed by the radical Islamists. This includes the “pussy” women and homosexuals. Yes, they’ll have their sights on Christians and Jews, but we’re not going to be massacred alone. Going to be lots of company when that day comes…

I could go on, but Matthews, you’re not worth it. We’ll do what we can to boycott; cut off the flow of dollars which keeps you all in business. We’ll bring back shame in this society. We’ll bring back what should be political discourse vs hate speech which only your side says is allowed for them, but not for us.

We don’t care at this point, Mr. Matthews. Cry us a river. But we’ve had enough.

A week ago, I wrote about Kathy Griffin and her abhorrent photo shoot where she gleefully held a mock, but realistic, decapitated head of Donald Trump in her hand. Dripping blood. She was laughing. Others in her circle of friends were laughing. Her photographer and the others involved all thought how right she was to do such a thing.

These past couple of weeks, in the renown and famous Central Park (NYC) has been a nightly play of a modern-day Shakespeare version of Julius Caesar, the guy who gets assassinated by no less than his opponents in the Roman Senate of his time. But Shakespeare in the Park has Donald Trump portrayed as Caesar, and it is Trump being assassinated. This is okay with the actors and the viewing audience who pay their money to see such a thing. They hate so much, they can laugh and yuk it up with their circle of friends who condone such behavior. This is who the so-called progressives are. They have no problem displaying “Piss Christ” in an art gallery and call it art, or displaying the Blessed Virgin Mary in despicable acts – calling that art too. Democrats laugh it off. But our taxpayer dollars pay for these insults to our faith beliefs…

Democrats encourage this. It’s who they are and what they do. And if you really want to understand where all this is coming from – remember that the fish stinks from the head. It’s not these artworks, or American denigrating pictures produced by Hollywood, or violence alone which produced this mindset. This behavior doesn’t come from “out of nowhere.”

It comes from the vile verbiage from the Leftist Democrats in Washington DC.

If one watched any of Attorney Jeff Sessions’ appearance before the Congressional hearing the other day; one would have witnessed the disdain, the disrespect, the hatefulness and deceit shown toward a distinguished gentleman who has served his country for decades. They got away with it. Democrats have been getting away with this for decades. Why does this happen? Because the Republicans let them do it. They let themselves be bullied and lied about, and don’t call out the Democrats for the liars they are. Republicans allow, thus enabling, themselves to be abused. They’re stuck in Stockholm Syndrome. Once it happens, and the Democrats get away with it, it continues, and will continue, for years.

The behavior of Senators Kamala Harris, Mark Warner, Ron Wyden et al dripped with disdain, disrespect, and lack of common courtesy and decency toward Mr. Sessions. Why is this important? Because this attempt to marginalize a good man, as they’ve done with so many others, including Justice Thomas on the Supreme Court, is their way of marginalizing entire groups of people in this country.

James Hogkinson shot Rep. Steve Scalise and others yesterday, but it the Democrat Party of hate who seeded, rooted and encouraged his behavior. It’s who they are. They’ve bred the ANTIFA, the BLM, and the radical feminists in their little pink pussy hats. These people have been given a target, and the raging hate, nourished by the Democrats, makes them shoot, burn down and destroy.

Words are weapons, Mr. Matthews. Words are weapons. Clean up your own world, and then we’ll believe those aren’t fake tears coming from Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer.

One last important analogy should be made: This is what Hitler did in the 1930’s. Focused and changed the people’s mindset into intolerance of certain groups he wanted to destroy – once that was accomplished, the rest was easy; concentration/extermination camps became the new normal of German culture and society.

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June 15, 2017 6:45 am

Hodgkinson actually an interesting character, Penguin. In many ways he was as atypical a leftie as you could find, self-employed, probably self-educated, but clearly with a death wish. What bound him to the mob was that hole in his soul, and his receptivity to hate speech. For some it’s fast food, but for men like Hodgkinson, it’s a daily feast. Has been for years. The good news, as you’ve reported, is the only death that arose from this incident was his. And no matter the self-delusion the political class engage exonerating themselves from this crime, at least a million Democrats… Read more »

June 15, 2017 7:10 pm

The Democrats are indeed un-indicted co-conspirators.