One may be able to say Obama’s “war on coal” is dead, but that doesn’t mean coal has made a complete comeback. Or ever will. Thanks to the discovery of natural gas and the use of fracking, “coal” will never be “king” again like it was in the years of our parents and grandparents.

But there is encouraging news for the workers and their families and their towns who depend on the coal industry which has basically laid dormant for many years, especially those during the Obama presidency.

America’s largest coal company, Peabody, which declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016, has emerged 50% leaner.

Then a few days ago we learn the first new coal mine in 6 years has opened.

It’s called the Acosta Mine, and is being developed by Corsa Coal in Somerset, Pennsylvania. President Trump used the Acosta mine in his Paris climate speech as one reason for pulling out of the accords. While Mr. Trump couldn’t be there in person, a recording was played of his words to the attendees at the opening:


The mine will create an initial 100 jobs paying around $80,000:

“Anyone who’s read the news of this event knows it’s garnered national headlines,” said George Dethlefsen, chief executive of Corsa Coal, based in Canonsburg. “The opening of this mine signals a new chapter in the coal mining tradition. Today marks a great turnaround for our industry and our company.”

But not all have gotten the message, since this tweet was sent out yesterday:

Another promise kept by the Trump administration.

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