I just heard Charles Krauthammer do his apolitical, fair-and-balanced analysis of things and his take was that Trump came out looking bad today. When it was pointed out to him that Comey admitted to this and that, and Comey leaked about his chat with the President and other things, and Comey didn’t blow the whistle on Loretta Lynch, Charles said, in effect, “Sure, Comey came out looking bad, too, but he’s not the president.”

No Charles, he’s not. Here’s what he is – He’s this paragon of virtue and standup guy and consummate professional, and rock-solid law enforcement official, including all that jazz all you Washington insiders told us he was all during the campaign last year, isn’t he?” “Charles?” “Charles?” “Are you there, Charles?”

And so while everybody has their panties in a wad about Trump acting “improperly” or saying things off-the-cuff or bluntly or inappropriately, the bottom line is he did nothing wrong, nothing illegal. The questioning needs to be turned around on the questioners, “How is it that all you Illuminati were wrong about Comey? And, since we’ve come to understand you’re no more astute judges of character than Huma Abedin, why should we give a fig about ANYTHING you’ve got to say about Trump?”

Comey sat there crying crocodile tears about the wrong done by Trump to himself and the great FBI and all those wonderful people and wanted us all to pity him because Trump said he hadn’t done a good job…AND THEN COMEY SAT THERE AND ADMITTED HE LEAKED SENSITIVE CONVERSATIONS, COVERED UP FOR LORETTA LYNCH, DIDN’T SHARE WITH HIS SUPERIORS AT JUSTICE HIS CONCERNS ABOUT TRUMP’S REQUEST OR ANYTHING ELSE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

If, and it’s a big if, Vladimir Putin had a big stake in fooling around with US politics in the last election, he’s sitting back laughing his head off at the US Media, the beltway pundits, but most accurately, Jim Comey and all those all-knowing Senators who sat up there kissing up to Comey and telling him how much they loved him and his stellar representation of everything that is so wonderful about the FBI these days.

Those dastardly Russians; those dastardly Russians; that mean old Trump, that big bully Trump.
Meanwhile, the KGB, the Mossad, MI6, Chinese intelligence and Al Quaeda operatives are still poring over the treasure trove that is Hillary’s email archives. And Obama’s having THREE scoops of ice cream.

Oh, and the Benghazi Four are still dead. But “…no reasonable prosecutor…” Forget all that ballyhoo about the Gang of Eight, my friends. It’s a Gang of One Hundred.

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