Reality Winner Becomes a Loser: Espionage Act Works


Yesterday, a new meme magically made its way into the 24/7 news cycle. What would we do without at least one new story a day pushing the, “But Russia, but Russia interfered” election narrative?

Reality Winner, yes, that’s her name, and I’m not concerned if she was born with it or not – it’s obviously her choice to go forth in life with being unconventional; fits everything else in her young life’s resume. Ms. Winner is of the millennial generation. A generation of young people (20-30+yr olds) who think they own the world and can run it. If you watch any of the cable news channels, and then hang in there for viewing the old standbys of NBC, ABC, and CBS, they’re mostly populated by this age group. The old folks are being driven out.

So, this generation of young people produces a woman named Reality Winner, an Air Force veteran, speaker of several Iranian based languages, and at 25, she made it into a very high level security clearance level. Not too much unusual in that these days – FBI starts them young, and the military certainly has their fair share of young people in incredibly responsible positions.

But how did Ms. Winner get her security clearance? That’s the most important question that should be addressed.

Her background: military? check, foreign language capabilities? check, and supposedly being bright and intelligent made her marketable in the workplace. But in a high level security position? Now that is the box that shouldn’t have been checked. The red flags were all over this individual as regards her sentiments about loyalty and patriotism toward America.

This is where the only question I can ask is, “How in the world did she pass the background checks?” We have two scenarios to consider: 1) Incredibly sloppy work on the part of whomever was hired by the contracting firm she worked for to do these background checks, or 2) This was deliberate, ie. we’ll give her security clearances anyway because it suits our purposes. These days one has to consider the devious as well as the more simple explanation. On this, the Left is going to go with Occam’s Razor. Many of us fighting the Left will be open to much more serious analysis of why and how she did what she did.

When did background checks stop being meticulous, serious, and personal contact oriented? Are these lackluster background checks holdovers from the Obama era’s don’t look at suspected terrorists social media accounts? Are they part of the we can’t profile anyone for their political behavior? Ms. Winner had plenty: publicly, and proudly on display in thought, word and deed. Even without her social media statements against the United States, “would side with Iran against the U.S.” who she hung out with and the “Tribe” she belonged to would have clearly revealed that rather than having a security clearance, we might want to keep an eye on her for actions taken against the United States.

I have family in the world of having to have serious clearance levels, and they jump through hoops and question everyone who might know the individual. Today’s social media even gives greater access and opportunity for assessing whether a person should get clearances – the higher up your clearance is the greater the scrutiny. In Reality Winner’s situation, someone failed in due diligence or it was deliberate failure. It was clear that she is basically an anarchist and certainly had no intention of being supportive toward her country.

This deterioration in screening has occurred over the past 7-8 yrs, all conveniently coinciding with the Obama era, and now we’re into the post-Obama era. Notice that her hire happened after all that “But, Russia, Russia…” I’ve never worn tinfoil hats very well, but now we are getting a glimpse of how deep and maybe how far the Left is willing to go.

These days, most employers look at potential employees’ social media presence. It’s their right, and they’d be foolish not to. I think Obama (not sure) had a rule in place that said the government couldn’t… It’s clear that as long as one is part of the correct “Tribe” then one can get jobs and perks. Even have a cadre of friends in public sector unions. In the meantime, those of us who are more traditional or conservative in our belief systems, or lifestyle – well, we get extra screening by the TSA agents at the airport, and excoriated by the media.

It’s fine if you want to hate America, but it’s not fine to be hired in these positions and try to harm America. It’s called espionage, and while the Lefties will chalk it up to some kind of acceptable antipathy toward President Trump – it’s not. Make no mistake, the Left is hating on Trump because he is all that stands between us and them. Trump thwarted their plans, so their efforts are doubled, tripled…

People who love America do not betray this country, even if our politics don’t agree. But when it comes to actively working against the country, as in Antifada behavior or giving secret data away or making up stuff (lies) with intent to harm America – then that’s espionage and subversion. How many more Reality Winners are out there? Winner’s Tribe is calling her a hero. I’m looking forward to how many she might take to prison with her. Where there is one cockroach, there are others.

The Presidency of Donald Trump will once again allow us to use the word, and act on it, Treason.

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Lady Penguin
Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)
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Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)

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June 6, 2017 12:32 pm

This needed to be said, Penguin. Let’s hope those elements in the screening process are being moved to other assignments

June 6, 2017 5:21 pm

Here we go. An NBC News interviewee says its Trump’s fault.

“And it’s getting worse, he added, in part because “Donald Trump and the change in the political scene in America has created an environment for a lot of people who feel that they have to DO something. You become an instant activist.”

June 6, 2017 5:22 pm

Oh, forgot to mention. Her twit account is still active. No tweets, but it hasn’t been taken down. Just looking at who she followed would have given me cause to get a warrant.

June 6, 2017 6:52 pm

WWCS? (What would Comey say?) “No reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against her.” Oh, wait..the Hillary Principle is just for Hillary.

June 6, 2017 7:01 pm

I figure a bakers dozen of Reality Winners going to the federal pen might tamp down on the millennial monsters and their oldster communist friends.

June 6, 2017 7:37 pm

After I applied for my TS/SCI (Division Staff Requirements) I had old acquaintances contact me and ask if I knew that someone from the govt was asking questions about me. I appreciated the warning but its always been obvious, at least after one or two minutes of talking to me, that I was somewhere to the right of even Ronaldus Magnus with a strong libertarian leaning and a colorful vocabulary. I would also urge everyone to remember she’s an Air Force vet, being an air farce vet is more like being a member of the American Legion Auxillary, not even… Read more »

June 7, 2017 6:19 am

Sometime around the 10th of December, last year, Barack Obama in a meeting with then president-elect Trump promised that there would be no more hiring under his administration.

Obama lied because on December 2nd, his administration posted a wave of job openings for defense and intelligence which is how I suspect that Winner got in. Obama also brought in cop killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal’s attorney Debo Adegbile and one other racist loon into the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division.

I suspect that the last minutes hires (aka minefields) were brought in to destroy the President’s agenda and legacy.