From My CP: Hello Mrs Pelosi, You Self Righteous Woman…


I apologize for disappearing from the face of the earth but it is “Winter’s Coming” here.  Between work, the garden (oh gods help me), the damnable grass and just life I haven’t had enough ambition for the interwebs.  I miss y’all but I know y’all can feel what I’m talking about.  I’m tired, rode hard and put up wet kind of tired and sick and tired of it all.  Not “end it all” kind of tired, more like “escape it all” kind of tired.  My son and I binged on survivalist reality shows a week ago, why is the arctic environment of Alaska my last, best refuge?  Isn’t there a more free, independent area in a temperate zone?  I hate the cold but the amazon jungle, breech-cloths made from reeds, bugs the size of eagles and equatorial heat would be worse than nine month winters with polar bears scratching at your door.  I might have to do it, I’m in no mood for this bullshit and I won’t lie down and be raped by my leftist dedicated government.

This shit is pitiful, I’m sick and f*ing tired.  I have been convinced for several years that armed rebellion was the only option Liberty in America had left.  The election of Donald Trump gave me hope and still shines promising, but…  The Government has Declared War on Me and I am not an appeaser.  The Democrat Party, the leftist, socialist, victimists and racists who comprise the left along with the bureaucrats comprising the bloated leviathan of out gov’t and 90% of the Republican Party have launched the first campaign of their revolution and we haven’t fired a shot in return.   FM 7-8, The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad (My Soldiers would recognize FM 7-8 as “The Old Testament”), Battle Drill #2, React To Contact; states step number one is return fire.  What the hell are we waiting for?  Of course the Congressional Battle Drill lists step number one as; Drop to your knees and…  Well, y’all don’t want me to continue to list those recommendations, there are god-fearin’ folks reading here.  We can start to fight or we can lay down and die.

The Left is so busy dictating what we can and can’t do…  Can’t object to men in dresses in the bathroom with your 6 year old, can’t decline service to a gay but the left can refuse to serve someone suspected of voting for Trump…  Hank Thompson described it back in ’73…

“Yes Nancy Pelosi, you self-righteous bitty, the Lord knows I’m racist and misogynistic, I don’t need your preachin’ and I don’t need your pity, go back to whatever you hypocrites do and when I talk to heaven I’ll put in a good word for whatever you do…”

CNN had the unmitigated gall to describe the latest survey of propaganda as “Fox News Biased Towards Trump.”  Unbelievable.,  A Fake News outlet with a 97% anti-Trump(anti-america, anti-constitution, anti-workingman) agenda that they push like an unholy alliance of the Gestapo and Goebbels’s Ministry of Propaganda.   Wasn’t it John Wayne who said in one of his movies, “You go to hell for lyin’ just as sure as stealin’?”

I’m not sure how much longer I can bear the leftist propagandist’s screeching.  I may well run for President in 2020 on the libertarian ticket with the motto “Elect me so I can Leave You the F*ck Alone.”

Get the gov’t out of our lives.  I don’t want to hear about it, I don’t want to be impacted by it, I don’t want to feel its presence.

Cody Jinks says the same thing and that is a sweet beard…



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Retired Paratrooper, Biker, Tattoo Artist
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Retired Paratrooper, Biker, Tattoo Artist

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May 24, 2017 12:34 pm

One word: Texas. It needs freedom loving Americans flooding in to counter the California goonie birds who are migrating thataway for the jobs.

Lady Penguin
May 24, 2017 6:56 pm

I’ve had a tiredness too, nessa. Pretty much have tuned out almost every media source. Just can’t stand the blatant lying. Worse, the Lefties are out in full battle mode – in 2008, we had to hide that we weren’t supportive of Obamagod, and now we hide that we voted for Trump. Sick of it. But, I will tell you that America’s Bald Eagle actually strives in the freezing Alaska wilderness – so could be an analogy in that. Vassar’s always talks about who is up on the horses, and for the first time in 8 years, I do feel… Read more »

May 25, 2017 2:19 pm

Are you kidding me? My wife walks around warbling “the Lord knows I’m drinkin'” about three days out of five as she goes about her household routine. She couldn’t tell you who recorded it, she just pulled it out of her youth. The thing, well one of them, that tickles me about the Trump phenomenon is that Jerryy Falwell, Jr. and Alveda King both supported Trump. We have them remarking now how hypocritical it was for Melania and Ivanka to go to the Saudi royal palace uncovered and then to wear veils when they went to the Vatican. Of course… Read more »