Trump continues to overturn Obama’s war on fossil fuels


Featured photo: A November 2016 demonstration in London against Donald Trump’s views on climate change. Photograph: Hannah Mckay/Reuters

Two items Trump signed orders on, the day he took office, was to approve the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline. Obama had nixed both projects but Trump had made them part of his campaign promises.

Next we have the former Attorney General of Oklahoma, Scott Pruitt, confirmed as EPA Chief. Pruitt has promised to slash both the budget and personnel of the job-killing, arrogant, governmental agency from hell. Here’s one of thousands of reactions on twitter:

If I had been in the audience I would have clapped as well.

Then on March 6, newly appointed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announces a Proposed 73-Million Acre Oil and Natural Gas Lease Sale for Gulf of Mexico.

This was followed by a lease of 56 million tons of coal in central Utah. Zinke then followed up his March 6 announcement with a Gulf of Mexico lease of $275 million on 913,542 acres for oil and natural gas parcels. Details can be found here.

Then yesterday, March 29, Zinke signed two more orders:

Order 3348 overturns Obama’s moratorium on new coal sales on federal lands.

Order 3349:

Secretarial Order 3349 implements review of agency actions directed by the President’s Executive Order signed yesterday on energy independence. It also directs a reexamination of the mitigation and climate change policies and guidance across the Department of the Interior in order to better balance conservation strategies and policies with the equally legitimate need of creating jobs for hardworking American families. In particular, the order sets a timetable for review of agency actions that may hamper responsible energy development and reconsideration of regulations related to U.S. oil and natural gas development.

And yesterday Trump ordered a review of Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” which he tried to initiate in 2015. This “plan” has not not been initiated because of the myriad of lawsuits by states and companies. This “plan” if initiated would be the most job-killing of any and could sound the death knell for all fossil fuels.


The order directs the Environmental Protection Agency to review the Clean Power Plan, which the Supreme Court stayed last year in an extraordinary rebuke. The plan essentially forces states to retire coal plants early, and the tab could top $1 trillion in lost output and 125,000 jobs, according to the American Action Forum. Also expected are double-digit increases in the price of electricity—and a less reliable power grid. All for nothing: A year of U.S. reductions in 2025 would be offset by Chinese emissions in three weeks, says Rice University’s Charles McConnell.

This is what President Trump and his cabinet have accomplished in his first few weeks in office to assure energy independence for the US. As he said during his campaign, “you’ll be winning so much you’ll get tired of winning.”

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Deplorable Reagan Conservative. Pro-life, pro 2A. Waiting for Obama's "legacy" to be undone.

Twitter: @LadyImpactOhio

"We the People tell government what to do. It does not tell us."__Ronald Reagan in his farewell speech.
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Deplorable Reagan Conservative. Pro-life, pro 2A. Waiting for Obama's "legacy" to be undone. Twitter: @LadyImpactOhio "We the People tell government what to do. It does not tell us."__Ronald Reagan in his farewell speech.

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March 30, 2017 12:28 pm

Revenge is a dish best served cold, Carol.

Lady Penguin
March 31, 2017 9:34 am

I despise the MSM and the environmental fascists for perpetuating the lie that conservatives don’t care about the environment. We do, and much can be done to preserve it. The radicals like this guy wouldn’t give up his electricity if he found out that fossil fuels aid his use. Heck, Hollywood wouldn’t give up their private jets.

Ending the fascist EPA regulations is a good thing – just in case I want to save rainwater for watering my grass, washing, etc. etc. They tried to make that illegal by saying even a puddle in your backyard was under their purview.