Celebrating the Democrats’ April Fooles Distress


I believe when a bad man is down, kick him.

But Rush Limbaugh takes this a step further by making it sound like the Democrat Left is still standing upright, which is not a good thing. (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

I had waiting in queue a Part VI to my series of War-Gaming the Left, but have decided not to publish it. You see, it’s about the Democrat’s end-game, which is the Impeachment of Donald Trump.  It’s almost all they have left. And for some of their more delirious proponents, i.e., Maxine Waters, they even dreamily talk about putting Donald Trump in jail.

The Democrats have two problems, first the simple chalkboard math of changing the minds of roughly 18 Republicans in the House, to get an impeachment, and then another 18 Republican in the Senate to get to that magical 2/3rs super-majority in the Senate in order to convict.

That’s actually a tall order even on a good day, and the Democrats are in the middle of a string of bad days, which highlights their other problem…outside of their dedicated base, which is less than 40% of the electorate, and falling, who believes them anymore?

Even on a good day, try walking through any scenario you can come up with that would cause that many Republicans in either chamber of Congress to vote to impeach Donald Trump, short of his being arrested for chasing down a New York grand dame in a swank restaurant there, and cursing her while buck naked.

Oh, wait, scratch that option, as Charlie Schumer just pulled that stunt at an exclusive NYC restaurant  chasing down the wife of Joe Califano (former Carter cabinet member) and his wife Hilary, first damning her at their table, then damming them all the way out to the car, all because she had voted for Trump. A big scene was had by all in front of all the wrong people, and for all the de classe wrong reasons. (Think back to Sen Wilbur Mills, D-AR, and Fanne Fox, exotic dancer in a water fountain in 1974 to find something that can top it.)

In the everyday world, you can’t find 18 House Republicans who would cross the street to pee on Nancy Pelosi if she were on fire. But now Chuck Schumer can’t even get the ear of fellow New York Democrats. Seems the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is real.

So, then, what recipe for impeachment can the Democrats possibly come up with? (Please, your suggestions will be welcome, below.) Define for me the road, any road, they can carve out that will bring those 36 members of Congress over, or breach the trust between Donald Trump and his 2016 voter base, who I am fairly certain those would be enough to win in 2020 as well.

No longer having the power in the Justice Department to indict just any Republican ham sandwich they wish, criminal charges will not likely proceed without real crimes and real evidence. I doubt if either the Reichsmarshalls of Law in California or New York will be able to send a platoon of state police to Washington to serve papers. I’m not even sure they could shanghai enough officers who would fill out the squadron.

This is not to say the Democrats won’t keep trying, but as we have been saying here since the election results were first posted in November, the Democrat’s ace up the sleeve over the Republicans, at least some Republicans, has always been via the media…New York Times, WAPO, Associated Press, Ted Koppel, CBS, ABC, NBC, that sort. Only the Media have become the object of one of America’s most popular home parlor games, Poking the Media, with its growing-in-popularity daytime game show host, Sean Spicer, doing the poking.

In other words, as we’ve been saying since January, the reach of media relevance has been reduced to that little Press Room where Spicer hosts his show, and the computer you use to read this article. No one believes them except those little cliques who share the same deranged syndrome.  And while loud and boisterous, occasionally breaking things, we know there are not enough of them to carry an election.

Trump’s path is clear to simply keep his promises; create new private sector jobs, build the wall, cut taxes and spending, stop illegal immigration, and move about a half million of federal employees where they bunch up the most, from around Washington, and flipping at least one state, maybe two, from blue to red in the process.

By the way, none of these things are impeachable crimes. Donald Trump can do all these things and there’s not a thing the Democrats and media can do to stop him.

One of the bounties of the Trump election is that real news is becoming local again, so that it really doesn’t matter that the Media didn’t cover the Maryland rape of the 14-year old middle school girl by two illegals. Everyone in Maryland knows about it, and that’s all that matters. Also, every conservative mouthpiece knows it, and has reported it to Trump voters, so it doesn’t matter that some Oregon lefty doesn’t. Maryland’s public opinion about illegal immigration and sanctuary status is already changing. It won’t matter that the Washington Post, just a few miles away from ground zero of this horrible crime, will choose to cover the indictment of the crew who filmed the Planned Parenthood “baby parts for sale” negotiations in California instead. People up and down the line in Maryland who contributed to that rape are quaking in their boots right now, and none of them can take solace in the fact that WAPO never said an unkind word about them.

Which brings me back to Rush Limbaugh, who seems to be the only person in conservative Christendom who believes the media, by its very existence, can do harm to our cause. Therefore, instead of portraying the media and Dems as soldiers lying off in a gutter, wounded and moaning, waiting to be kicked, Limbaugh figuratively stands them back up, warning us that they are just as strong as ever.

I know this image of the media makes Rush appear more relevant, but I wish he’d stop. He may be helping himself, but not the longer game. Our way forward has to be lighted by the relative inability of the Media, the makers of fake news, to do anything of profit for their side.

The Republican Establishment were the only people to really fear the Media anyway, and it’s important to remind them their constituents no longer fear it, so their continuing to run for cover when the Media says “Boo” could be job-endangering. Limbaugh isn’t helping in this.

Right now I can only think of a few of Republicans in any chamber who actually fear the Media, or feel, out of a long term, mutual comradeship, John McCain and his dog Spot come to mind, any kind of bond.


The road forward for the Democrats is grim. Every time they say Trump lied, and the media heralds it, or vice versa, it turns out Trump is largely telling the truth. Call it blind luck or cunning, these lies-that-turn-out-to-be-true about Trump never seem to reveal themselves until the next to the last chapter, as if Dashiell Hammett had scripted it, so that while the Democrats and Media began their tale by wading in ankle deep, it is not until they’re chest high in their own false narratives, that they discover those narratives are about to explode back over them.

Consider how the original “Russian connection” to Trump’s win (and Hillary’s defeat) began with a New York Times story from what were clearly leaks inside the intelligence community only no one said anything about the criminal aspects. The Times made it all sound so routine. Interestingly, the Administration doubled down, including that famous “Obama wiretapped me” Tweet that had “lie” written all over it. Over hill and through the dale the Media and Dems chased that outrageous claim, wading into the bog deeper and deeper, until, boom, it’s now revealed that there is information from NSA in the hands of the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, who the New York Times now says “is dangerous”  (bet your ass he is) which seems to support the President’s claim that his staff’s communications were monitored during the transition, and that likely the Obama White House knew about it, and maybe benefited from it.

Hearings will soon follow, and some say it could be more explosive than Watergate x 5. Time will tell, but considering the lack of ammunition by both the Democrats and the Media to do anything about it this process will proceed to a logical end.

You have to admire the irony, or poetic justice, call it what you may, about how this story is being wrapped up like a perfectly-timed Sam Spade mystery where the bad guys are revealed in the end, convicted by the very lies they concocted in the early chapters to destroy their enemy.

 If you love justice more than revenge, the real joy is in knowing the squirming that is going on inside the deep state by men and women with no names (yet) who played bit parts in this game. Only ten days ago I asked if President Trump should offer amnesty to the Deep State operatives. It’s clear they are not far away from being found out so maybe it would serve them best to come in from the cold as quickly as possible. It might even be prudent for them not to wait for Mr Trump to offer it.

In some form or another the Media and the Democrat Party will always be with us, even as wraiths of their former selves. While we can kick them while they’re down, we can’t destroy them. I’d like to see the rise of a Democratic Party that actually loves this country, and a Media that actually honors the Truth at least enough to know that their paychecks rely on their willingness to play on the game field originally designed by the Founders. But until then, they will remain irrelevant.

In the meantime, while down, I intend to continue continue kicking them, and mocking them, at least as mercilessly as they have tried to do to Donald Trump.

And little people like me.

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Lady Penguin
March 30, 2017 5:16 pm

It’s true. The constituents no longer fear the media, because we understand that they are the enemy, and the reason why Donald Trump won was because we didn’t want spineless Republicans going into meltdown as soon as someone glared at them – which they’ve been doing for decades. I have a much better understanding of why the GOP hadn’t won the House for (how many?) decade, until Newt Gingrich came along. It’s because they were and likely are still afraid of their own shadow. Trump comes along and says “I dare you to the media, the Dems, and the Republicans”… Read more »