From My CP: Government Employees, the VA, IRS, FBI, EPA, NSA, Ate Up From The Floor UP.


Spring or maybe globull warmening has taken over the prairie.  All the snow from last week is gone, Geese darkened the sky like the arrows of Xerxes archers.  Temperatures topped 70 on Sunday and today was still above 60.  There’s rain in the forecast but that beats the hell out of snow.  What ever kind of global warming I can get, I’ll take.  Have you ever seen a thousand geese descending onto a lake, or heard them?  They create a ruckus like you’ve never heard.  They’re coming home now, many of these will travel on but the ones who nest here are back home.  I tried to take a video but my phone is pitiful, I found one that is actually pretty calm,

.  You should hear them when they’re nesting.  I think it’s only the female geese that squalor and raise such a fuss.  The males and females look the same you have to use binoculars to see the long suffering look in the males eyes and I’m pretty sure the only thing the males say is “Yes, Dear.” That’s the only way to tell them apart.  For the third week running there has been a pair of swans on the lake as well.  That’s sweet, I don’t remember seeing swans nest on Current Lake, I’d like to see these two settle down and raise a family here.

Let’s get to the subject…  The Veteran’s administration brags on its wiki page that it has been in existence since the Revolutionary war.  That’s kind of true.  A plethora of promises were made to the soldiers of the revolutionary war and then the veterans were promptly blown off by the govt.  The war was over, nobody gave two shits anymore.  Congress, being composed of politicians, promptly found new priorities rather than fulfilling their promises.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?  You’d think we’d learn.  Just before the Newburgh Rebellion came to force of arms the newly elected President, General George Washington, spoke to the justifiably pissed off veterans.  During his speech, he began to tear up and couldn’t read his notes.  He was forced to, embarrassingly, reach into his pocket and take out his reading glasses.  While putting them on he said “Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for I have not only grown gray but almost blind in the service of my country.” The rebellion was disrupted by the flow of tears from battle hardened veterans who had never seen their Commanding General wear glasses.  Veterans were in pretty much the same shape then they are now including being lied to about about the govt providing medical care to those who had earned it, but they were always left out there flappin.  The last time the govt told the truth to veterans was Washington’s Speech to the Newburgh Rebellion.  Since 1930 when the VA was established the govt has acted like and told stories to the effect of “we take care of those who took care of us.”  But it’s all been bullshit, smoke, mirrors and “the high hard one right up where the sun don’t shine.”

Part of my posts is the music I’m listening to while I write these little ditties.  Its time for this weeks song.  This is another classic song along the lines of Bob’s post a few days ago.  I think this weeks choice is fitting.  First recorded by Lefty Frizzel in 1959 it has been covered by the likes of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, The Band, The Black Crowes and many more.  Tonight I’m playing the cover done by Hank Williams III, its fitting to play an old classic redone a thousand times, it should remind you of the thousand times the VA has been caught short in service to those who have earned service.  It’s also fitting that Shelton Hank Williams III does this, this version of from circa 2007, another cover of a great song just as its always another new scandal at the VA.  It also matches the VA’s troubles that I use a version from recent history, because, as has been our Nation’s treatment of her veterans, nothing has improved.  Lets remember those wives, mothers and children left to wander the hills in a long black veil.


Imagine the mothers, daughters and wives who wander long dark hills to cry over graves that need not have been filled.  Someone should have told those soldiers, “what is your malady? If you go somewhere else, you don’t have to die.”  But that doesn’t happen at the VA.  Patients are second class citizens, the only people who matter are the employees.  The employees must protect their jobs at all costs.  The Deep State is not new, they’ve been allowing veterans to die for decades but people only care when it’s in the news, then the politicians talk about it, hold some investigations then let it pass into the memory hole, until it comes up again.

Do you want to know the real problem?  Bureaucrats more worried about keeping their jobs than taking care of those who’ve earned care.  The same Deep State mentality that sacrifices national security for a perceived opportunity to damage the President they didn’t vote for, because the newly elected President doesn’t value their jobs above all else.  The bureaucracy is filled with the scum of human life, nothing matters to them other than them.  It’s time they were trimmed from the branch and left to die.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

A Veterans Affairs hospital in West Palm beach has refused to put up pictures of President Donald Trump and Secretary David Schulkin, even though they were delivered by a congressman who lost both legs on a deployment to Afghanistan.

Republican Congressman Brian Mast showed up Tuesday with fellow veterans in tow at West Palm beach’s VA hospital. The group of constituents have been seething at the facility’s decision not to hang a portrait of the 45th commander in chief in its entrance.

Despite Mr. Mast’s personal intervention, the hospital took down the photographs shortly after he left.

“Proud of the fact that the local vet community got it done. We walked in there, we made it happen,” veteran Beau Brumfield told a local CBS affiliate, unaware that Mr. Mast’s actions would be negated moments later. “It was non-confrontational. It was nonpolitical. We just wanted to see it happen.”

“Two blank holes, it’s been 60 something days now,” added veteran John Rourke. “The veterans administration has been asked about it a few times, the local VA hospital has and they haven’t had any real reason other than they didn’t have the picture, which is readily available.”

A VA spokeswoman called the congressman’s actions “inappropriate” and said only images sent from the central office would be displayed.


I won’t use the word I’m thinking of to describe the VA “spokeswoman” even in Infantry society it’s considered crass.  Her excuse is pitiful, I’m absolutely certain a vet like Rep Mast has access to President Trump’s Official Photo.  Every military Company, Battalion, Brigade, Division, Corps and Army posts the Chain-of-Command where it can be seen.  Rep Mast knows where and what Official Photos are.  The official spokeswoman of the VA rhymes with “hunt.”

I remember riding with my Grandfather when I was young, probably while deer hunting but it could have been any of a thousand rides in grandpa’s old dodge truck.  We drove past a group of county employees cutting down trees along the road.  Grandpa said “Government employees plant trees in the summertime so they can sit in the shade and cut ’em down in the winter so they can warm themselves by the fire.”  I didn’t take that as gospel right then but, 40 or so years later my grandfather’s opinion still rings true to my mind’s eye.   When did govt employees gain respectability?  Grandpa saw them as a drain on good, honest taxpaying Americans.  Everything I’ve ever seen has reinforced that opinion as right on the money.

My local post office sent me a notice that I had to sign for something a few weeks ago.  The only time they are open for the public they serve is from 7:30 til 9:00 am.  I work during those hours.  Any other business committed to serving the public would adjust their hours to make them convenient for their customers.  Not a government office.  Why should the government care if you have to take time off from work?  Your govt mandated business must be convenient for them, nobody cares about you, the citizen, the taxpayer.  Try to go to a govt office without taking time off, good luck.

I encountered them often while I was in the military, not Soldiers but civilian govt employees hired to serve Soldiers but they acted like we were a drain on their life force.  Like us showing up to ask them to do their jobs was just asking too much.  They made me feel like I was supposed to kneel and kiss their ring before asking a “boon.”  When is the last time you encountered one of these govt employees at the Social Security Office or the DMV?  They’re quite common.  I knew I was in for a hard, cheek biting, clenching my fists, wanting to hurt someone afternoon when I saw the SEIU posters hanging in the office.

Not every govt employee but enough to make it worth worrying about, enough to make govt more interested in serving itself than in serving the taxpayer, more interested in doing less work and earning more money, service to the taxpayer be damned.  Every time the VA (or any other govt organization) has been in the news for their abject failure Congress sends then more money.  They promptly hire more employees so that people already doing nothing now do less and three new hires can split the previously non-existent responsibilities.  Then bitch because they are too stressed out at work.

Tell me I’m wrong?  When did govt employees earn respect?  How?  Hell, at least a thief has to stay up late and be sneaky when he breaks into your house.  Govt employees steal much more and all they have to do is sit at their desk and play “Angry Birds.”  Did you know that the earns $45,000 a year?  That job should be a lateral appointment from working the drive-thru window at Burger King.

We need to get back to a healthy hatred of govt employees, for our own good.

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