Socialism: the Real Unaffordable Healthcare Plan


Long before Obamacare, was Medicare, which the government/health insurance companies eagerly force on you at retirement. You can’t even use a separate plan after 65, unless working. So that’s the first insurance mandate – and we didn’t see that go to the Supreme Court.

Bob Montgomery wrote a short, but excellent simple synopsis regarding Medicare: “Obamacare, Trumpcare, Medicare, and “We, the Entitled”

Good luck finding a doctor who takes Medicare (let alone Medicaid) these days. And the treatment you get with a Medicare plan is rationed, along with almost rude behavior as if we’re wastrels living on the government dole. Yet we’ve been paying insurance premiums for decades, without ever using that Medicare benefit until after age 65 (or earlier retirement).

It’s similar to the way they talk about Social Security – as an “entitlement” program. We’ve paid for decades into SS, it’s not a freebie entitlement – we paid into it, we earned it. Social Security was supposed to be our “pension” guarantee for retirement after a life of gainful employment. A lifetime of hard work – when people worked and didn’t demand a welfare check.

Getting our Social Security after 40-50 years of working shouldn’t make us appear as beggars – but it’s the same mindset being foisted out there. Adding insult to injury, they take a payment (premium) from the social security check to pay for that Medicare “Insurance.” So folks already living on a fixed income, lose precious dollars to pay even more for something they’d already been paying for. It might not be so bad, except that those Social Security retirement checks doesn’t stretch very far.

Watched Lou Dobbs, FOX Business channel, Wednesday 3/14/17, and he was right on the money. He sees Paul Ryan (and the GOP leadership) as a foe to what President Trump wants to accomplish.

Dobbs is right; watch his interview with GOP Rep. Chris Collins spouting the usual Republican political speak talking points…

They’re touting taking away “the mandate” – let me tell you, the young and even older folks who are healthy, are saying forget insurance, don’t care whether it’s mandated or not. We’ll pay the penalty. What Ryancare has trotted out is just another version with the same stuff that has/is killing the middle class. We’re using our rent/mortgage money to pay for “health” insurance. For those of us who are older and actually should have some insurance, we now have exorbitant insurance costs and less care. My husband and I now have 2 and 3 policies to get adequate coverage. I still had to make the decision to go to a concierge doctor since the PCP (only had to have one in the past 2 years) was rationing care under her umbrella big hospital corporation ownership.

I have a millennial aged son who has “great” insurance through his wife’s job, but won’t go to the doctor because of the huge out-of-pocket upfront deductible costs. Nice plan, but can’t afford to use it. How’s that for logic?

Rep. Collins had the nerve to say the costs will come down in the next 2 years. What about immediately – today, Mr. Collins? Have you ever seen a loaf of bread cost less when the price of wheat goes down? Have you even seen any grocery product cost less once it went up? We’re all paying 50% more at the grocery store for practically everything in the past 8 years. Income increase? Where is that?

The people demanded repeal of Obamacare to get the insurance market to return to pre-2009 models. See Vassar’s discussion of how this should be done. There are truly needy. Yes, give them aid, but not at the expense of our care – the ones who actually paid into Medicare, and/or pay for regular insurance today. As Bob noted in his article, the only thing separating us from England’s disastrous National Health Service, is the fact we still have “private” doctors and hospitals, and it’s not all been taken over by the government.

For an example of totally run government healthcare, see the VA. Yes, the one where our veterans die in the parking lot or lie on the floor in the hospital, desperately waiting for care, until it’s too late. These scenes and stories are similar to what the NHS has in England. The travesty of our Veteran Hospital care system, is not that we can’t afford it… but, 1) the monies needed are diverted to people who shouldn’t be getting funded – yes, those illegal aliens and the massive refugee influx DC has pushed for, and 2) the protection of incompetent and uncaring government workers – they can’t be fired. Public sector unions keep people on the payroll no matter whether they do a good job or not, and that’s how government run insurance programs will function – especially if it ever leads to single payer…

Politicians promise the people everything to get elected, and then of course, it can’t be done… Not without stealing what “wealth” some people have – in this country, the middle-class, and redistributing it. Even then, it’s never enough. Developing an entitlement mentality in society does not enhance it, it destroys it.

While I understand the process involved for repealing Obamacare, snake in the grass Ryan is playing with the people, and the GOP will end up just as hated in 2018 as the Dems have been for 8-9 years. BTW, one final point. Obamacare did nothing for the homeless. Nothing. They still have to go to the ER (driving up hospital costs) for care, and then come to a free clinic where I do volunteer nursing for them.

Wimpy, the moocher, from the old Popeye cartoons portrayed it best. “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Corrupt crooks getting away with a Ponzi scheme – that’s DC for you, and how socialism takes down a country. Takes it down so far it has to become fascist in order to keep it afloat.

Picture credit: Zerohedge

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March 15, 2017 5:34 pm

Thanks, Lady P, and a hearty Amen. That one thin dime goes to the National Endowment for the Arts or any other feel-good program while at the same time a veteran can’t get in to see a doctor, is a national disgrace. Parks and Recreation is all well and good, but public safety and infrastructure are necessary. President Obama had a Presidential Council on Women and Girls. Well, we loves us some women and girls, but there are also men and boys. If we get our priorities straight, and teach the next generation to look down that road instead of… Read more »

March 15, 2017 7:59 pm

Amen Lady P! I dream of living in a world where I’m allowed to take care of myself and mine. I don’t need or want instructions or help from the government. I’ll figure it out one way or the other, like generations of Americans have done before me. I did every nasty job the govt had for me for 20 odd years, as did your husband I believe. I recently contacted Tricare for information on their eyecare coverage which is listed in the voluminous paperwork describing Tricare. Alas, I’m on Tricare Standard so the extra money I’ve been paying for… Read more »

March 25, 2017 5:09 pm

I won’t get SS unless I get 3 more quarters of work. I paid $8400 for my health insurance last year. They just denied a $734 claim for me for Ems service, saying its subject to the deductible. I may appeal. That is real BS that may deter those who really need it to forgo a life squad.

March 25, 2017 5:12 pm

Oh, I was diagnosed with influenza. Not A or B that was in the flu shot I received. Tamiflu, 10 pills was $140. Subject to deductible.